Phillip Lim Fashion Designer, Body, Career, Gay & Net Worth

Every girl’s dream is to wear something comfortable, new, and trendy every time. This demand is easily fulfilled by the fashion designer, such as Phillip Lim, who creates something new every time. He is a famous American designer but from a Chinese antecedent. Lim is also the winner of the Council’s Swarovski award for menswear.

Phillip Lim nationality
The American fashion designer Phillip Lim

In a hectic schedule, one forgets to appreciate the creator, and knowing about them is a far cry. In this article, all we will talk about is Phillip Lim, who has been contributing a lot to the fashion industry since his arrival. The discussion will thoroughly include his age, height, career, net worth, and all about his life partner. Before all this, let’s start with some quick facts;

Who Is Phillip Lim?- Short Bio

This brilliant fashion designer was born as Pheng Lim in Thailand. His parents are originally from China, who later migrated to Orange County, California, from Thailand when he was just a year old. Sources suggest that it was all during the Cambodia genocide.

His father was a professional poker player while his mother was a seamstress. Undoubtedly his parents were able to put up good food, clean clothes, respect, and dignity, but he had to figure it out all by himself. Unfortunately, there is valid information about his beloved parents.

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Even more, there is no news about his siblings, even if he has one. Moreover, Phillip is American by nationality and belongs to Chinese ethnicity.

How Old Is Phillip Lim?- Age and Height

This American fashion designer was born on September 16, 1973. As of now, he is 46 years old and falls under the sun sign of Virgo. Undoubtedly people under this sign are reserved, sensitive, and of artistic nature.

Despite being in the 40s, Phillip has maintained himself quite well. Maybe he does some workouts to make him look fit and healthy. This marvelous designer stands tall at an average height. Sadly his shoe size, dress size, and body size are not disclosed.

Phillip Lim age
The 46 years old fashion designer Phillip Lim

Mots of this fashion designer works behind the camera. Henceforth he hardly makes an appearance in the media, But when he does, Phillip is mostly seen in suit pants or casual outfits. Being a designer, he blends some creativity and plays with his own look. Lim has short black hair and a pair of black eyes.

Childhood and Education

When it comes to his childhood, Lim’s parents always motivated him to pursue his career. They always believed him and fulfilled every requirement he encountered on the way. That might be the reason why Phillip has been able to accomplish so much in a short time.

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Talking about education, Lim enrolled at the University of California to study home economics.

Professional Career

At the beginning of Phillip’s career, he did a weekend at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. There he met designer Katayone Adeli who was famous for her allergy to the hype and her mysterious ways. Soon Lim interned with her and made his way up to design assistant.

Luckily in 2000, a friend of a friend offered him back Phillip for a new label titled Called Development. Despite the fact that the line was successful, it mainly emphasized modestly sized contemporary line popular for clean and wearable shapes. After that, Lim quit his work in the year 2005.

In 2007, the Council of Fashion Designers of America recited him with the Swarovski award for womenswear. In 2011, Phillip was awarded Designer of the year by GQ China.

3.1 Phillip Lim

In collaboration with Zhou, this fantastic fashion designer launched 3.1 Philip Lim, a global business. 3.1 was coined as they both were 31 years old at that time. Zhou plunked down her cash of $750,000 and was confident about making this amount in six months.

Phillip Lim profession
The stunning designer Phillip Lim

His fall 2005 womenswear was a big hit and sold in 20 countries. Within six months, their business grew up to $2.8 million. At the present, they have 60 full-time employees and retail flagship all over Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles. This fashion designer’s New York headquarter has stretched out its Garment District to 25,000 square feet.

Phillip Lim and Tao Okamoto

Tao Okamoto is a beautiful model plus actress who chose to wear Phillp’s design at her wedding. His beauty got married to the chief editor of The Last Magazine Tenzin Wild.

The auspicious ceremony took place on the First day of May in 2016. At her wedding, she chose to wear a simple white gown with a long white veil.

Who Is Phillip Lim’s Boyfriend? Is He Gay?

It might not surprise the die-hard fans of Phillp that his sexual orientation is not straight. He is openly gay and supports LGBTQ to the fullest. That is also the reason why so much diversity, culture, and tradition is found in his creation.

Despite all this, there are no rumors or controversy that he sees any handsome. Neither record shows that he is in a relationship, or his social media accounts give us any hints. In a time like this, it is very hard to speculate his dating status.

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However, we believe that this handsome s seeing someone secretly. He just wants to keep it all to himself. Or Phillip is focusing more on his career rather than on such things. Whatever the case might be, we all wish him to have a blissful life ahead.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Phillip Lim?

There is no denying that this talented and versatile persona makes a hefty amount of money from his career as a fashion designer. This work field takes a lot of creativity and risks but inevitably helps to amass a tremendous amount of money.

Phillip Lim net worth
Phillip Lim sits on a net worth of $12.5 million.

As a result, in 2020, Phillip’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $12.5 million. At just 46 years old, he is a millionaire we wonder how much his net worth will increase in five years. We will see about that soon.

Unfortunately, no source has come forward to confirm his salary, income, mansions, and more. But we sure can tell that he is living a lavish lifestyle somewhere in America.

Social media Presence

Being a celebrity, Philip is undoubtedly popular, and fans tend to know more about him. Lim likes to stay in touch with his loyal fans. The only way to do so is through social media platforms. This is also another medium through which he promotes his business. You can follow him in the link below.

3.1 Phillip Lim Instagram: 976k followers

Personal Instagram: 65.9k followers

Twitter: 62k followers

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