Pauline Tantot Twins Mathilde Tantot, Boyfriend, Career & Net Worth

The twin Instagram model Pauline Tantot and Mathilde Tantot are taking the internet by storm. Their hot pictures on social media platforms flaunting their peach b**ty allure most of the fans towards them. It is surprising how these twins end up both in the fashion industry. Not only their face, their habits and interest are also similar.

Pauline Tantot age
Pauline Tantot is 25 years old.

Due to their competitiveness with each other, fans are in a dilemma to even think about which one they like more. In this battle for who is more famous than whom, the duo is getting equal love from their fans. In this article, we are going to talk about Pauline Tantot. Let’s get started with some quick facts;

Quick Facts: Pauline Tantot

Full Name: Pauline Tantot
NickName: Pauline
Birth Date: December 29, 1994
Age: 26 years old
Horoscope: Capricorn
Birth Place: France
Resident: Paris, France
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
Siblings: Mathilde Tantot
Height: 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg or 108 lbs
Body Measurements: 34-24-35 inches
Nationality: French
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Education: Unknown
Profession: Model, Instagram Star, Entrepreneur
Boyfriend: Martin Offenstein
Spouse: None
Net Worth: $400 thousand
Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter

Pauline Tantot and Mathilde Tantot

As mentioned above, Mathilde and Paulin are the two hottest models in the entertainment industry. They share the same feature, but there is something that helps them to be distinct from the others. These sizzling hot sisters were born in the fashion city of France.

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Talking about their mother and father, they have not shared much about them in the media. Maybe they are seeking a bit of privacy about their personal life in the media. Whatever the case might be, we understand their decision. Moreover, Tantot is a French model who comes from caucasian ethnicity.

How Tall Is Pauline Tantot?- Height, Age, and Body Measurement

Being a fashionista, this lady stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches. Well, we must appreciate her tall height, which makes her outstand the crowd even more. Due to her tall height and overwhelming talent, most of the people in the fashion industry are expecting to work with her.

Moving on, Pauline was born in the year 1994, the 29th day of December. Fans are really eager to know who is elder than whom, but this factor remains a mystery. In 2020, Tantot is 25 years old and falls under the sun sign of Capricorn. People of this sign are patient, have a peaceful mind, and are determined.

Pauline Tantot height
Pauline Tantot is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

To get those slender, curvaceous body is pretty tough. But Pauline hits the gym more often to get that b**ty, which resembles a peach. This model has maintained her healthy diets pretty well and does extra workouts to get that healthy bu**.

Speaking of which, her bust measures about 34 inches, waist about 24 inches, and hips of 35 inches in general. Her tanned skin tone is what makes her look complete for the bikini. To sum up the look, this blonde bombshell is blessed to have a pair of brown eyes.

Childhood and Education

Growing up in the center of fashion, France is a dream come true to many, but the story is pretty different when they have lived there. Since Pauline’s childhood, she was fascinated by fashions and modeling. That might be the reason why she ended up being one of them.

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Speaking of education, there is not so much in the media. We believe that she has enrolled in some university, high school to pursue her field of interest. Also, we lack the data about the subject she has majored in. We will update it any time soon.

Professional Career

Pauline was always motivated by her sister Mathilde to become a model. Following the footstep of her beloved sister Tantot also entered the fashion industry along with her sister. It is surprising how they are competing against the world rather than with each other.

To be precise, this 25 years old has made her name as a hot bikini model. She is often seen traveling to famous destinations along with her sister to endorse several brands. In coordination with her sister, they found a swimsuit brand named as Khassani Swimwear.

This was only possible due to their passion for modeling, traveling, and more. Her major way of earning is photoshoots, brand endorsement, and other ventures. For the time being, she is working with famous brands.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Pauline Tantot?

There may be some guys who are daring enough to ignore this beauty. Since she arrived in the industry, Pauline has garnered tonnes of male fans. Many of them dream of having her as a girlfriend, while the girls want those hot figures. Having two separate fan bases has become beneficial for her career.

Neither there is any record that shows that she was dating anyone, nor her social media platforms give us any hints. In a time like this, it is very tough to speculate about her relationship status. Also, there might be some guy who she is dating but has not revealed much about him in the media.

Pauline Tantot sister
Pauline Tantot with sister and fellow model Mathilde Tantot

These are just the assumption we have made without any solid confirmation because it is hard to digest the fact that she is single and happy. Maybe Pauline has found the guy with whom she can share all her love and sorrow.

That being said, her sister Mathilde is not single and dating fellow model Martin Offenstein. They have been dating for quite a while and making a ruckus on the internet. Their relationship is very interesting as they were best friends and turned into a lovey-dovey couple in 2016.

What Is The Net Worth of Pauline Tantot?

Modeling is sometimes an excruciating job if you have zero interest in the film. But for Pauline, it is an adventure with which she never gets tired of want to do more in her life. Her hard work, passions, and determination have been key factors for becoming famous in such a short span.

Pauline Tantot net worth
Pauline Tantot sits on a net worth of $400k

With her work, Tantot makes a hefty amount of money from her carer. In 2020 Pauline sits on a jaw-dropping net worth of $400k. In contrast to her work and contribution to the fashion industry, this amount seems to be pretty less. Despite all this, we believe that she will rank among the millionaires in the industry.

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Apart from this, there is no valid information about her cars, mansion, and salary in the media. In her leisure period, she is often seen bathing in the sun with her beloved sister in fancy places, a yacht, and many more. We will reveal further details in the media as soon as it is on the internet.

Social Media Presence

This beauty has amassed a lot of fan following on her social media platforms. You can watch the exclusive picture of her in her personal accounts. Don’t forget to follow her in the link below;

Instagram– 4.3m followers

Twitter– 6653 followers

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