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Patricio Laguna Wikipedia And Edad: Where Is He From? Origin Family And Nationality

Explore Patricio Laguna Wikipedia to learn about his career and family. Get all the information about his successful career in modeling, entrepreneurship, and family.

Laguna is a well-known model and businessman who recently celebrated his 46th birthday with a family outing with his two sons, José Ignacio and Patricio Jr.

He has been living with his sons in a rural area of Rancagua since obtaining custody.

Patricio is very active on social media, where he promotes his gym, Free Gym, and shares the results of his training.

His Instagram stories feature him posing bare-chested in front of a mirror, flaunting his toned physique.

Additionally, he shared a funny image where he and his children are seen at a pizzeria. 

Patricio seems to prioritize family time while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Patricio Laguna Wikipedia And Edad: How Old is He?

Patricio Laguna is a former model and businessman who gained fame after participating in the reality show “La Granja VIP” on Channel 13. 

Patricio celebrated his 46th birthday last month with a family outing with his two sons, Jose Ignacio, and Patricio Jr.

He settled in Rancagua three years ago with his two children, where he is engaged in property brokerage and recently opened an outdoor gym called Free Gym.

Patricio Laguna Wikipedia
Forty-six years old Model and businessman Patricio Laguna. (Image Source: Instagram)

He reinvented himself outside of television and is also a partner of the Nu Skin brand, where he promotes facial and body treatments.

He remains very active on social networks, where he promotes his gym and shows the results of his training.

Despite being far from the capital, he keeps himself in shape through exercise. Patricio’s exact birthplace and age are not mentioned in the given information.

Patricio Laguna Family

Unfortunately, information about Patricio Laguna’s parents is not publicly available. However, Patricio has two sons, José Ignacio and Patricio Jr., with whom he lives in Rancagua.

He obtained custody of his children and has been raising them independently in a rural area of Rancagua for the past few years.

Not much is known about his childhood, except for their names and ages.

Patricio Laguna Wikipedia
Patricio Laguna was traveling in his car with his sons. (Image Source: Instagram)

Patricio Jr. is the youngest, and the age of José Ignacio is unknown, but he is older than Patricio Jr.

Patricio is very active on social media and often shares pictures and videos of himself spending time with his children, whether going out for pizza or working together at his gym.

He seems to be a devoted Father who enjoys spending quality time with his kids whenever possible.

Patricio Laguna Ethnicity and Nationality: Where Is He From?

Patricio Laguna is a Chilean national, and his ethnicity is Hispanic.

Chile is located in South America, bordered by Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The official language of Chile is Spanish, and it has a rich cultural heritage with influences from indigenous cultures and Spanish colonialism.

Patricio Laguna Wikipedia
The Cheilean Model loves riding bikes. (Image Source: Instagram)

Patricio Laguna’s ethnicity and nationality reflect the diversity of Chilean society.

As a model and businessman, he has represented his country in the fashion industry and contributed to the local economy’s growth through his business ventures.

Patricio Laguna’s background and experiences are a testament to the diversity and richness of this South American nation.

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