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Nick Eardley Wife Is The Journalist Married To Lesley Roy? Relationship And Net Worth

Nick Eardley wife is a popular topic on the internet. People are curious to learn about the married life and partner of the tremendously talented BBC journalist.

Nick Eardley is the BBC’s chief political correspondent. Also, he holds the position of Westminister correspondent at the BBC Scotland news network.

British by nationality, Nick Eardley is in the spotlight for reporting the news of the Domici Raab bullying probe in February 2023.

Nick Eardley started his journey in 2010 as Buzz Magazine’s editor. Beforehand, Nick served as a web editor for Fest Edinburg until 2010. Nick has been providing political coverage for the BBC for six years.

Eardley, a seasoned journalist. has covered various political stories in the past. And he is admired for his objective reporting and insightful analysis of complex issues.

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Nick Eardley Wife: Is The Journalist Married To Lesley Roy? Relationship Timeline

Lesley Roy is widely popular as Nick Eardley wife hopeful. The BBC news correspondent is obviously in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lesley Roy. But he has never been married.

To be more specific, the journalist couple is looking for the best time to tie the knot. Because they appear to be more concerned with their careers than with raising a family at the moment. 

By profession, the speculated Nick Eardley wife Lesley Roy, is a senior journalist at the BBC. She currently works at BBC News Six and BBC News Ten.

Probably the reason behind the long-term relationship between Nick and Lesley is their common passion. Either of the two is an excellent employee at the BBC Network.

Nick Eardley wife
Nick Eardley and his wife Lesley Roy. (Image source: Instagram)

The couple has been together for several years and often shares pictures of their travels and adventures on social media. Despite not being married, they seem to be very committed to each other.”

According to some reliable sources, Nick Eardley seems to enjoy a dinner collectively with his family and spouse at a small Italian eatery.

When the handsome correspondent is not reporting, he spends quality time with Lesley Roy in his London flat with a few bottles of wine.

Nick and Lesley have been working together for over a decade, and their shared love for journalism has allowed them to create a strong bond that extends beyond the workplace. 

Nick Eardley Career And Net Worth

Nick Eardley makes a decent amount from his skyrocketing journalism career. He makes $13,294–43,000 (£175k) annually. According to Glassdoor, BBC journalists earn $83,863 per year, including a bonus of $5,252.

Nick Eardley has an estimated net worth of $2 million. It is no surprise if we say that Nick Eardley spouse means as much as his wife. His partner, Lesley Roy, is a senior journalist at the BBC.

Nick Eardley Wife
Nick Eardley is a talented BBC political correspondent. (Image Source: Instagram)
Regardless of income, Eardl The Edinburgh Napier University alum spends money on traveling and indulging in luxury brands. He owns a luxurious car and lives in a lovely small family home in London.
Nick Eardley is pretty popular on social media platforms as well. He uses Instagram and Twitter to give news updates. The British journalist also shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of Lesley’s career and their personal life together.
Mr. Nick Eardley has 76,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Nick Eardley and Lesley Roy are both successful in their respective careers, with Nick being a political correspondent for BBC Scotland, while Lesley has been with the BBC for many years and is highly respected in her field.


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