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Who Is Nia Moore From The Challenge: World Championship? Wikipedia Age And Family

Nia Moore is taking the internet by storm through her appearance in The Challenge: World Championship, a spin-off in the Challenge franchise.

The Challenge features winners and MVPs from various international versions of the show and partners them with veterans from the MTV flagship series.

Nia Ebony Pearl Moore is a reality TV star who rose to fame as a cast member on The Real World: Portland.

She competed in several seasons of The Challenge, including Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, and World Championship.

Nia was also a finalist in All Stars 3, showcasing her competitive spirit and determination.

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Nia Moore Wikipedia 

Nia Moore is a reality television personality best known for her appearance on The Real World: Portland.

Born on January 20, 1989, in Powder Springs, Georgia, Nia debuted on the 28th season of the popular MTV reality show, which aired in 2013.

She also competed in multiple seasons of The Challenge, including Free Agents and Battle of the Exes II.

During her time on the show, Nia won two daily challenges and was successful in three eliminations.

She also competed in the World Championship season of the show.

 Nia Moore
Nia Moore was also a finalist in All-Stars 3. (Source: Instagram

In addition to her appearances on The Challenge, Nia was a finalist in All Stars 3, showcasing her competitive spirit and ability to excel in high-pressure situations.

While she did not win any daily challenges during her time on All Stars, Nia won one elimination before ultimately making it to the finals.

Today, Nia remains a beloved figure in reality television, and her fans look forward to seeing what she will do next.

Nia Moore Age: How Old Is She?

Nia Moore was born on January 20, 1989, which makes her 34 years old as of 2024.

The reality TV star was raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, and first gained national attention as a cast member on The Real World: Portland.

Nia has since become a fan favorite on various seasons of The Challenge, where she has proven to be a fierce competitor and a skilled strategist.

 Nia Moore Age
Nia Moore Is In Her 30’s. (Source: Instagram

Despite being only in her early thirties, Nia has already accomplished much in her career, earning multiple accolades and impressing audiences with her determination and grit.

Her age has not hindered her ability to perform well in competitions, and she remains a formidable force on the show.

Many fans believe that Nia has the potential to continue to succeed in the reality TV world for years to come, and they are excited to see what she will do next.

Meet Nia Moore Family 

Information about Nia Moore’s parents and family is relatively limited. However, it is known that Nia was born and raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

She has spoken publicly about growing up in a strict household and feeling isolated from her peers.

Despite this, Nia has always been fiercely independent and determined to make her own way.

It is unclear whether Nia has any siblings or her family background. She has not shared many details about her personal life outside of her appearances on reality TV.

 Nia Moore Family
Nia Moore’s Childhood pic with her Father. (Source: Instagram

However, Nia has been open about her struggles with mental health and body image, and she has become a role model for many fans who appreciate her honesty and vulnerability.

Despite not having much information about her family, it is clear that Nia is a strong and capable individual who has overcome many obstacles to success in her career.

As she continues to pursue her dreams, Nia will undoubtedly continue to inspire many.

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