NFL Shaquil Barrett Brother Dominick Barrett And Sister Siblings Information

The American football player Shaquil Barret Brother is Dominick Barett. He is younger than him. Read more to know about his other siblings. 

Shaquil Akeem ‘Shaq’ Barrett is an American football outside linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League. 

Moreover, he played college football at the University of Nebraska-Omaha before moving to Colorado State University.

Then Shaquil was signed by the Denver Broncos as an under-drafted free agent in 2014. 

After that, he played five seasons with the Broncos and won Super Bowl 50. Later the player signed with the Buccaneers. 

Furthermore, his level increased after leading the league in sacks, making the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams in 2019. 

Shaquil Barrett signed a one-year contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers the same year. He then won Super Bowl LV in 2021. 

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Shaquil Barrett Brother Dominick Barrett

Shaquil Barrett has a younger brother named Dominick Barrett.

According to the Instgram photo he shared on Dominick’s birthday, Shaquil mentioned him as a lil bro, so he is his younger brother.

Being athletic is in Barrett’s genes. Dominick Barrett is also an athlete. He is a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Dominick Barrett is a three-time champion, according to his Instagram bio. 

As an older brother, Shaquil tries to be there to cheer his brother’s games whenever he is free.

Shaquil Barrett Brother
Shaquil Barrett posted this picture on his brother Dominick Barrett’s Birthday (Image Source: Instagram) 

The older brother was there to cheer him up when Dominick played for the Lombardi in 2021.

Shaquil has shared the experience with seven other members of his family, who went to watch the game of his younger brother win another championship ring. 

It was when the world was suffering from COVID-9. After winning the championship, Dominick said the moment was very different, with fewer fans and strict protocols. 

Dominick added; to go on the field, they had to screen you, and you had to be tested before the game for the family so that they could get on the field. 

He also said that going on the field is one of the biggest things after the game, as he saw what it brings to get to the point, a goal he is hitting for. 

Talking about the brother’s bond, Dominick gets love and attention from his brother Shaquil and his family as a younger brother. 

Shaquil feels proud to see his brother changes from a kid to what he is now. 

Shaquil Barrett Sister Siblings Information

Along with Shaquil Barrett’s brother Dominick, he also has a sister on Instagram with the user name Meka.

Shaquil posted her photo on Meka’s Birthday though he has not mentioned her as a sister. 

Shaquil Barrett Sister
Shaquil Barrett shared this picture on Meka’s Birthday (Image Source: Instagram)

Going through Meka’s Instagram, we discovered she is Shaquil’s sister but not his blood sister. They are from different parents.  She will be turning 34 years old this year. 

One interesting thing we found out is that Shaquils Father called Meka a grandma. 

Although they are not sister and brother by blood, they share a strong bond. Meka is always there to support Shaquil. 

Moreover, we can see her presence in most of Barrett’s games.

Furthermore, scrolling through Meka’s Instagram, she has wished Steven Barrett and Deshawn Barrett a birthday. Shaquil and they both have the same surnames. 

Along with them, Meka posted a video and tagged her 6 brothers, brougham, grump, mac mamba, Michael Alston, and Bernard ‘Bam’ Blake, including Shaquil and Dominick Barrett. 

Therefore, they all are Meka’s other siblings. 

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