Negros Governor Guido Reyes Death

Negros Governor Guido Reyes Death Cause And Obituary: Wife And Family Mourns

Negros Governor Guido Reyes death has left a gap in the hearts of his loved ones, throbbing with the weight of broken dreams and unsaid words, while the world laments the loss of a kind soul whose absence is felt with every beat of their mourning hearts.

Notably, Governor Roel Degamo tragically passed away in the Pamplona Massacre on March 4, 2023, and Reyes has assumed the position of Governor of Negros Oriental Province in the Central Visayas Region.

Reyes has a long political career before taking office as Governor, serving as the mayor of Guihulngan City from 2013 to 2022. 

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Negros Governor Guido Reyes Death

Guido Reyes, the Governor of Negros Oriental, died on May 31 at 62, less than three months after taking office. 

Karen Molas, the provincial administrator, acknowledged his passing in a video uploaded to the province’s official Facebook page.

 Following the Pamplona Massacre, which led to the murder of his predecessor, Roel Degamo, Reyes assumed the governorship.

 Vice Mayor Eunica Reyes of Guihulngan City, the Governor’s daughter, told Karen Lisette Molas, the provincial administrator, of his passing. 

However, Molas respected the family’s request for privacy and didn’t reveal any specifics about his condition or the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Reyes has only been in charge for 89 days after taking over after Roel Degamo’s untimely death.

Guido Reyes Death
As news of Guido Reyes’ passing reverberates, people from all walks of life come together to pay tribute to his memory. (Image Source: Twitter)

Guido Reyes, the Governor of Negros Oriental province, passed away after a protracted illness. 

The province is currently in mourning. The provincial administrator, Karen Lisette Molas, uploaded a touching video message on Facebook to inform people of his passing. 

She also disclosed that she had spoken with Vice Governor Manuel Sagarbarria Jr. to inform him of Reyes’ passing and to help the Governor’s projects and programs transfer. 

Guido Reyes Death cause

Negros Oriental Governor Guido Reyes passed away recently, according to a Facebook post by Provincial Administrator Karen Molas. The fact that he had been ill is known, even though the precise cause of his death has not been made public.

 Vice Mayor Eunica Reyes called Molas and broke the tragic news of Guido’s passing. The Governor was reportedly grappling with health issues even before taking office.

At St. Luke’s Hospital, where he was receiving care for a fatal disease, Guido Reyes breathed his last. 

However, the family has not provided any information about the precise nature of his medical conditions. A terminal illness is incurable and almost sure to result in death.

Neither family members nor authorities have provided any new details about Guido Reyes’ medical struggles.

 As a result, there is still a lack of information about his precise medical condition. It is anticipated that additional details will come to light, providing more insight into the circumstances surrounding his condition before his sad death.

Guido Reyes Family Mourns The Loss

The tragic death of Guido Reyes has engulfed his family in a tremendous wave of anguish, leaving their spirits and emotions weighed down by a profound sense of loss. 

Family members, including Guido’s wife, kids, and other relatives, are all grieving together, their eyes swollen with tears conveying the depth of their sorrow. 

His soulmate and confidante, Guido’s wife, laments the passing of a love that had no bounds. She longs for his touch and consoling company as her heart breaks into a million pieces. 

Their children are lost in a sea of feelings as they struggle with an unfathomable loss. The emptiness left by their beloved father’s absence cannot be replaced. 

Reyes had recently taken on the role of Governor of Negros Oriental Province in the Central Visayas Region
Reyes had recently taken on the role of Governor of Negros Oriental Province in the Central Visayas Region (Image Source: sunstar)

His guiding hand, kind counsel, and unwavering affection supported their lives. As they negotiate the new zone of a world without their hero, the laughter that formerly filled their home is mixed with sadness. 

The Guido Reyes family leans on one another for support at this challenging time and finds comfort in their neighborhood’s outpouring of love and support. The warmth of family members’ embraces and their memories of him help them feel better. 

Guido left behind a legacy of love, compassion, and public service, and those lives he touched will continue to come to light brilliantly. Although they may never entirely recover from his death, they will always cherish his memories.

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