KJ Jenkins

NCAA: Who Is Kerry Jordan Son KJ Jenkins From New Maxico Lobos? Parents And Siblings

KJ Jenkins is a senior guard for the New Mexico Lobos. Standing at 6′ 2″ and weighing 180 lbs, Jenkins hails from Atlanta, GA.

Jenkins has been a key player for the Lobos throughout his college career. He has shown a strong ability to score, as well as ability to distribute the ball to his teammates.

KJ Jenkins is a current player for the New Mexico team, hailing from Canton, Georgia. As a native of the United States, Jenkins brings a strong sense of pride and determination to the court. Standing at an impressive 6-2 (188cm) and weighing 175 pounds (79kg), Jenkins is an imposing figure on the court.

KJ Jenkins
KJ Jenkins (Source: kilgore.edu)

He is a physical player who uses his size and strength to his advantage, both on offense and defense.

Jenkins’s impressive height and weight make him a formidable opponent for any team. He can attack the basket with ease, and his size also makes him a strong rebounder.

Jenkins’s physicality also makes him a great defender, able to contest shots and fight for loose balls. His unique combination of size and skill makes Jenkins a valuable asset to the New Mexico team, and he will be a key player to watch in the upcoming season.

Kerry Jordan’s Son KJ Jenkins & Mother

Kerry Jordan and Brandee Jenkins are the proud parents of KJ Jenkins. As the all-time leading scorer for Creekview High School, KJ has made a name for himself in basketball.

His parents have likely played a significant role in his success, supporting him throughout his journey.

They have likely attended many of his games, cheering him on from the stands and providing encouragement and guidance.

KJ Jenkins
KJ Jenkins (Source: ungathletics.com)

Being a parent of an athlete can be challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Kerry Jordan and Brandee Jenkins have likely made many sacrifices to support their son’s passion for basketball.

They have likely spent countless hours driving him to practices and games and invested a great deal of time and resources in his training and development.

Despite these challenges, they have likely been incredibly proud to watch their son excel on the court. They are likely a great source of inspiration for KJ and have played a major role in his success.

KJ Jenkins Biography

KJ Jenkins is a talented basketball player named the 2020 Peach Belt Conference Freshman of the Year. He was also named Chick-fil-a Nighthawk of the Week in February 2020.

In high school, he was the all-time leading scorer for Creekview and was named Region Player of the Year, All-Region and All-State teams.

KJ Jenkins
KJ Jenkins Playing Basketball (Source: ungathletics.com)

He holds the Creekview record for most points in a single game. His parents are Kerry Jordan and Brandee Jenkins. He idolizes Deandre Hopkins and is a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

His biggest sports thrill was getting a steal with four seconds left and hitting the game-winner to win the championship in sixth grade. His favorite food is Filet Mignon and his favorite quote is “The worst thing in life is wasted talent.”

He likes to watch the TV Show ‘Shameless’ and chose UNG because teammates, coaches and staff automatically felt like family.

KJ Jenkins Siblings

KJ Jenkins has a large and close-knit family with eight siblings: Jami, Justin, Jacoryn, Destin, Kaleb, Chloee, Colton and Kendall.

Having a big family can be challenging and rewarding, but his siblings have likely played an important role in his life.

They have likely been there to support and encourage him throughout his basketball career and have likely celebrated his accomplishments with him.

Jenkins also has a cousin, DeAndre Hopkins, a five-time All-Pro wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals and was an All-American at Clemson.

Having a cousin who is a professional athlete can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for Jenkins. He may have looked up to Hopkins and tried to emulate his skills and work ethic on the court.

Hopkins may have also provided guidance and advice to Jenkins as he navigates his own athletic career. Jenkins may consider himself lucky to have such a successful cousin who is an accomplished athlete in his own right.

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