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Model Roz Body, Career, Victoria’s Secret, Husband & Net Worth

Model Roz is an outstanding model that has graced the ramp of Victoria’s Secret many times. Surprisingly he is the first model from Saudi to ever work for this famous lingerie brand. She has made her hometown proud and is thriving more to mark her place in the industry. Not to mention, she is also working hard to uplift the young women of her country to achieve what they want in their life.

Model Roz height
Model Roz stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

The model says, “I was not scared of the noise from the people or society, but I was scared to fail.” The most distinctive feature of this beauty is her big shining eyes, plumped lips, and strides full of confidence. In the past few years, she has amassed tonnes of fans from her work. Therefore today, the model we are going to talk about is Roz. Let’s get started with the article.

Quick Facts: Model Roz

Full Name:Rawan Abdullah Abu Zaid
Birth Date:August 14, 1992
Age:28 years old
Birth Place:Medina, Saudi Arabia
Father’s Name:Unknown
Mother’s Name:Unknown
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Body Measurements:32-24 25 inches
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Boyfriend:Zach Desmond
Net Worth:$800 thousand
Social Media Presence:Instagram, Twitter

Parents and Siblings

This hottie was born as Rawan Abdullah Abu Zeid and changed it later to make her fans a bit easier to pronounce her long name. This lady knows exactly how the show business work and the bad influence of it. Maybe she wants to save her beloved family from its negative impact, which is the reason why she is tight-lipped about her parents.

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Unfortunately, there are no valid details about her siblings, even if she has one. Well, it must be said that Roz has maintained her privacy pretty well. She is always motivated by her family to try out new things in her life. That might be the reason why she became the first model to ever work for Victoria’s Secret.

How Old Is Model Roz?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

This spectacular model was born in 1992, and in 2020 she is 28 years old. She celebrates her birthday each year on the 14th day of August. Surprisingly Model falls under the sun sign of Leo. People who are Leo are considered to be subtle, daring, and career-focused.

Being a model, this hottie stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches. Now, this height is mostly sought out in the fashion world. Her slender body and mile-long legs make her look stunning on the ramp. Well, as you can see, Roz has very juicy plumped lips, which she revealed is the result of lip fillers.

Model Roz age
Model Roz is 28 years old.

Apart from this, she has undergone Botox and disclosed that she had her appendix out. Her vital statistics measures about 32-24 25 inches. Added to that, her body weighs about 55 kgs. Her white skin tone makes her look commendable when she struts down the runway.

Moreover, the Model prefers a shoe size of 8. She is a tattoo fanatic and has one or two inked in her body. In addition to all these features, which makes her stand out the most is due to her shining blue eyes and natural blonde hair.

Childhood and Education

This young beaut was born in Saudi Arabia and spent most of her life there. As a kid, he was very energetic and used to play with her parents a lot. They never compromised in raising their daughter. In fact, they always provided what is best for her.

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Talking about education, she has been to American International School located in Riyadh. Instead of taking courses to become a model or an actress, she chose interior design. As you might have expected, Roz is a Saudi Arabian who hails from a mixed ethnicity.

Professional Career

Just like every other model in the industry, Model also initiated her career from Instagram. Previously she started her journey by uploading tonnes of pictures to her account. Surprisingly she received a lot of positive responses from the people.

It was 2013 when everything changed for Roz. She migrated from her hometown town to the US in order to study interior design. Eventually, this hottie got a chance to work for the famous lingerie company Victoria’s Secret Pink campaign.

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After that, Guess Accessories launched a campaign in which the Model was also there. In fact, this Saudi beauty was doing the campaign alongside photographer Claudia and Ralf Pulmanns. In an interview, she revealed that,

” I am honored and proud to be part of the campaign and I would like to thank Guess for the opportunity. Always dream big and never give up even if it takes time. Just be patient.”

Who Is The Boyfriend of Model Roz? Is She Married?

As a matter of fact, Model garnered plenty of fans from all over the globe in a short span. While men are drooling over her body, females are eager to know about her body secret. Among all her love, life has hit the chart, and fans are interested in at least know about it.

It has been years that Model spent her time in the fashion industry, Hence she knowns what to speak about and whatnot. No matter how many reporters stay outside her house or stalk her everywhere, the guy is nowhere to be seen.

Model Roz boyfriend
Model Roz is single and happy.

This statement only concludes the fact that the Model is single and not seeing anyone at the moment. It might sound too vague to believe it, but what’s there is there. Neither has she been involved in any rumors, nor Roz is seen spending her time with anyone.

It appears as if this 28 years old model is focusing on her career rather than boys or guys. Well, one thing is sure that this lady can make anyone fall for her and whenever she wants. She has a plethora of time to focus on love while very little to manage her career.

Model Lost $1 Million Worth of Contract After Bullies and Critics.

In 2019, a photographer, Danah Almayaouf, started bullying her and negatively criticized her work. Due to her improper behavior, the Model lost the job worth a million. Danah was starting online hatred by calling her name, such as whore, homophobe.

Not only this, but the photographer also claimed that the Model escaped female repression in Saudi Arabia. In defense, she disagreed with her allegation and said it was mischaracterized and said her success was all because of her parents’ and friends’ support from Saudi Arabia.

Things got ugly when Danah initiated a campaign scorched earth to ruin her career. She labeled this 28 years old model as a prostitute and accused her of dodging taxes. Things did not stop there when the photographer started posting alleged videos of her making homophobic and racist comments.

She also said that “Model does a lot of illegal things.” When media came up saying that it was her jealousy to do so, Almayouf simply said that “How can anyone with half a brain think I would be jealous of another human being who depends on prostitution to make a living?”

As if all this was not enough, Danah also tagged companies on her social media accounts with comments such as “How do you work with a racist and homophobe. I buy from these companies, and I’m not going to buy from them if they work with homophobic, racist, hypocrite liars.”

What Is The Net Worth of Model Roz?

This Saudi Arabian model has already imprinted her name as a Victoria’s Secret Model. But she has not been able to be one of the hot Victoria’s Secret Angel. Looking at her pace, she needs some time to be listed among them.

Moving on, everybody is well aware that Victoria’s Secret model is paid well. If you are Roz, then it might not harm us to say that money flows from everywhere. In 2020 this hottie sits on the jaw-dropping net worth of $800k.

Model Roz net worth
Model Roz sits on a net worth of $800k

In comparison to her work and contribution to the fashion industry, this amount seems less, but when the time comes, Model will be ranked among the millionaires. Unlike others, Roz is not a big foodie fan. But it is reported that she loves animals and has it as a pet too.

Besides this, there is no valid information about her salary, cars, and mansions. We make sure to update further data as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned.

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 12m followers

Twitter– 223k followers

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