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Mikhaila Peterson Husband Jordan Fuller Married Life And Kids

Jordan Fuller, Mikhaila Peterson husband, recently rose to fame due to their wedding and his caring attitude toward his wife.

Mikhaila Peterson is CEO and hosts the podcast “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast,” where she invites experts to discuss themes that improve the human experience.

She began her career at Ryerson University, where she worked for four months as a member of the media services staff. 

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Mikhaila Peterson Husband Jordan Fuller

Mikhaila Peterson, the beloved author and psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s daughter, has happily married Jordan Fuller. 

Jordan Fuller, Mikhaila Peterson husband, is a private person not well known to the general public.

Aside from his affiliation with Mikhaila and their wedding announcement, he has not made any public remarks or appearances.

According to her social media posts, Jordan has been Mikhaila’s partner for more than two years, and they are loving and supportive of one another.

They appear to have a strong bond and are devoted to one another based on their engagement in March 2022 and subsequent marriage in June of that same year.

Mikhaila Peterson Husband
Mikhaila Peterson with her husband Jordan Fuller (Source: Instagram)

Mikhaila Peterson Husband has also demonstrated devotion to and affection for his wife, particularly in the face of health issues.

Jordan recently admitted to Ben Greenfield Fitness that he had previously struggled with weight gain but had dropped the excess pounds with Mikhaila’s and their doctor’s assistance.

He emphasized the significance of having a solid support system to achieve personal goals by attributing their encouragement and direction for his change.

Even though not much is known about Jordan Fuller outside of his relationship with Mikhaila, his devotion to his wife and his desire to enhance his health highlight his strengths as a supportive partner.

Mikhaila Peterson Married Life

Jordan Fuller and Mikhaila Peterson seem to have a pleasant and fulfilling marriage.

They have been together for two years, and on June 5, 2022, the day of their wedding, it was clear how much they loved one another.

Mikhaila dated Jordan for a period before getting married; they were engaged in March 2022.

She announced the positive development on her Instagram page and expressed her joy and enthusiasm for the upcoming new phase in their lives.

She posted several images from the wedding day on her social media pages and conveyed her love, appreciation, and admiration for her spouse.

Mikhaila Peterson and her Husband Jordan Fuller during their wedding
Mikhaila Peterson and her Husband Jordan Fuller during their wedding (Source: Instagram)

The foundation of Mikhaila and Jordan’s relationship is solidly comprised of love, trust, and respect for one another.

They always make sure to spend quality time together, whether traveling, exploring new things, or just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

They have been supportive of each other’s professional ambitions and objectives.

Jordan and Mikhaila periodically share photos of one another on social media, capturing their joyful interactions. On his birthday in August, she wrote a message for him, expressing her admiration and affection for him.

Mikhaila wed Russian rower and business consultant Andrey Korikov in 2017 before getting hitched to Jordan.

Jordan Fuller and Mikhaila Peterson appear to have a committed and loving relationship, and both look forward to raising a family.

Mikhaila Peterson Children

Mikhaila Peterson and her ex-husband Andrey Korikov have a daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson. She was born on August 6, 2017.

Mikhaila and Andrey co-parent their daughter and are both involved in her life, despite their divorce.

Mikhaila frequently posts images of her daughter on social media and has praised Andrey for being a wonderful father.

Mikhaila Peterson with her daughter
Mikhaila Peterson with her daughter (Source: Instagram)

Mikhaila ensures that her daughter eats well as a mother and pays close attention to her diet. However, she has added that she does not make her daughter consume meat the same way as she does.

Elizabeth recently turned five in August 2022, and Mikhaila posted some photos from the event on social media.

Elizabeth and Mikhaila’s current husband, Jordan Fuller, appear to get along well, and he has adopted her as his daughter.

Jordan and Mikhaila get along well, and their family appears devoted to one another.

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