Michael Urie Mentioned Himself A Gay: He Has Married With Ryan Spahn? Sexuality And Parents

Michael  Urie’s career has soared ever since his time at Juilliard. He has achieved success onstage and onscreen, and has made strides in LGBT representation.

Theatre and television star Michael  Urie was born on August 8th, 1980 in Houston, Texas.

Urie’s ancestry is comprised of both Scottish and Italian heritage. He gained recognition for his portrayal of Marc St. James in the ABC dramedy series Ugly Betty.

Michael Urie grew up in Plano, Texas and attended Plano Senior High School, graduating in 1998.

After high school, Urie received an acceptance to the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City and his education at Collin County Community College.

At Juilliard, Urie became a member of Drama Division’s Group 32 – graduating in 2003.

Urie had the opportunity to perform in the world premiere of Love and Happiness at the Consolati Performing Arts Center, where he played a sixteen-year-old trying to rid his mother’s boyfriend.

For his performance, Urie earned the John Houseman Prize for Excellence in Classical Theatre from the Juilliard School.

Beyond this, Urie has acted in multiple shows, including WTC View and The Fantasticks. He was also a founding member of Plum Productions, serving as the company’s casting director.

Portraying Gay Roles On Screen And Being A Member Of The LGBT Community

In 2006, Urie achieved even greater success when he was cast as Marc St. James in the ABC dramedy series Ugly Betty.

His performance was so well-loved by the audience that he was signed on as a full-time regular midway through the first season.

Naturally, Urie’s work with Ugly Betty was recognized and he was nominated for a SAG award in 2007 and 2008.

On his blog, Urie came out as a member of the LGBT community in 2009.

Later, in an interview with The Advocate, Urie identified as “queer” and shared his openness to having relationships with women previously.

Michael Urie’s 2019 Metgala look (Source: Huff post)

Furthermore, Urie has fought for further representation of LGBT individuals in the arts, particularly in the spotlight of romantic comedies like Netflix’s Single All the Way.

Urie has taken his commitment to LGBT representation one step further with the creation of his podcast What’s Your Sign?

In 2017, he launched it as a platform to discuss topics pertinent to the LGBTQ+ community such as gender identity, coming out stories, and the nuances of being queer in different parts of the world.

In his podcast, Michael interviews people from all walks of life to discover how their astrological charts shape their identities.

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Ryan Spahn – Urie’s Life Partner

Outside of his acting career, Michael Urie is in a loving relationship with Ryan Spahn. Ryan Spahn was born in Wilmington, Delaware, but moved to Troy, Michigan when he was a child.

 Spahn attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Traverse City, Michigan before relocating to Los Angeles and then eventually settling in New York City.

Michael Urie and Ralph share nine years old photo of them (Source: Instagram )

There, he enrolled in The Juilliard School and wrote, produced, and starred in three feature films and two short films.

Urie currently resides in New York City with his partner Ryan Spahn, who is also a producer and actor.

With all his accomplishments, it is clear that Urie has fulfilled his dream of becoming a leading man who can pave the way for greater LGBT inclusion in entertainment.

The Career And Activism Of Actor And Producer Michael Urie.

 Urie is a dedicated supporter of human rights and animal rights.

Ralph’s love Michael has also been a member of Broadway Impact, an organization that fights for same-sex marriage equality.

Written by Mart Crowley, this story follows a circle of gay friends that come to terms with their true feelings about love and relationships.

With Urie performance, Urie hopes to empower the LGBTQ+ community and shed light on important issues like gay identity.

On the film side, Urie starred alongside Dan Levy and Paul Rudd in Ideal Home. This comedy follows two gay men who have to look after a troubled 10-year-old boy whom they thought was an orphan.

Urie plays the role of Bill, the long time partner of Rudd’s character Steve. Urie also appeared in the 2019 Lavender as well as the 2021 feature movie Swan Song.

Urie is also an avid fan of theatre and has starred in many productions since his time at Juilliard.

Betty, Marc and Will forever- Uglybetty (Source: Instagram)

To name a few, Urie has appeared in Thank you for judging, House of Kai milla & He’s way more famous than you.

He also had the pleasure of playing multiple roles across many of these productions, further showcasing his skills as an actor and an entertainer.

Michael Urie’s success is unstoppable. He has starred in multiple television series, films, and theatre productions and has been met with critical acclaim for his performances.

Urie also holds a place in the hearts of LGBTQ+ supporters for his unwavering commitment to their rights and representation in the entertainment industry.

As Ralph’s love-michael continues to focus on acting and producing, his career will undoubtedly bring forth new opportunities and great successes.

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