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Mia Sand Fitness, Career, Husband, Kids & Net Worth

“People can take from you what you allow. If you allow others to define who you are, you are giving them the power to dictate.”Mia Sand. Since she arrived in the industry, she has been inspiring young women about body confidence and to get their ideal body shape.

Mia Sand age
Mia Sand is 33 years old.

The most distinctive feature of this model is her alluring body and shining eyes. Here, we will be discussing everything you wanted to know about this hottie. From her past relationship to how much she makes a year, we will reveal them all. Before jumping into the article, let’s get to know her better through some quick facts;

Quick Facts: Mia Sand

Real Name:Mia Sand
NickName:Miss Mia Fit
Birth Date:October 11, 1987
Age:33 years old
Birth Place:Denmark
Father’s Name:Unknown
Mother’s Name:Unknown
Height:5 feet 7 inches
Body Measurements:36-24-38 inches
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Blonde
Profession:Fitness Model & Social Media Personality
Spouse:Rune Jacobsen
Net Worth:$1.2 Million
Social Media Presence:Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Mia Sand?- Parents and Siblings

As mentioned above, this lady is a fitness model who is all the way from Denmark. Being accustomed to the limelight and fame, Mia hardly shares anything about her parents. Maybe she wants her loved ones to be safe from the negative impact of the media.

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Hence there is no name and whereabouts of her parents and siblings. But fans are very supportive regarding this topic. Moreover, this lady is of Danish nationality who comes from the mixed ethnicity of Danish, German, and Faroese.

How Tall Is Mia Sand?- Height, Age, and Body Measurement

As being a profound model, Mia stands tall at the height of 5 feet 7 inches. It might not be an ideal height to become a model, but nothing stood against her talent. She was born in the year of 1987 and celebrated her birthday on the 11th day of October.

In 2020 she is 33 years old and falls under the sun sign of Libra. People falling under this sun sign are enthusiastic, supportive, and loving, just like Mia. As she is a fitness geek, her desirable body was getting too tough at the beginning. But as time went by, she got the hang of it and now can get anybody to shape with her determination.

Mia Sand height
Mia Sand is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Speaking of which, her bust measures about 36 inches, her waist about 24 inches, and her hips approximately about 38 inches. It is unquestionable about the fact that Sand undergoes tough workout training and severe diets.

To sum up the look, this blonde bombshell has a pair of green eyes. Her white skin tone tends to match whatever she is wearing.

Childhood and Education

This Danish model spent most of her childhood in Denmark. Her family was very motivating when it came to Mia’s profession. Her family was broad-minded and provided her the freedom to do what she wanted in her life. Luckily she chose to be a model.

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Since her childhood, she used to indulge herself in activities that needed more strength, such as climbing trees, making sprints. Talking about education, there is not so much on the Internet. We will reveal further data if anything new comes up.


When she was a kid, she always dreamt of being famous, and modeling made her dream come true. However, she got pregnant with her first kid at the age of 20, and everything changed since then.

When her kid was four years old, Mia decided to go to the gym to maintain herself. In fact, there she found her passion. Similarly, in 2015, she became active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram. There is no denying that social media has the power to make people famous overnight.

Soon Sand gained a lot of fan following and even bagged several contracts from the big brands. Some of them include the likes of FashionNovaCurve. Later TwistShakeBaby even came up with a deal with her. Undoubtedly she signed the contract and became everyone’s favorite.

Who Is Mia Sand’s Husband? Is She Married?

From the past few years, Mia is getting many fans all over the world. That is all thanks to her good attitude and personality to help others t get their desired look. She has been an inspiration to many girls, but now they want everything about this model.

As a matter of fact, they want to know about her love life more than anything. Also, she is very shy, secret, and conservative in nature. According to some sources, she met the love of her life on a social online dating site.

Mia Sand husband
Mia Sand with her kids Sean and Norri

That lucky guy is none other than Rune Jacobsen, who is tall, muscular, and hot. He is a dandy man who supports this model no matter what is a powerlifter. Just like Mia, he is also a fitness enthusiast.

As you can see, there is more similarity between them, and hence soon, they decided to wake down the aisle. The even was small and attended only by their family, friend, and loved one. However, the exact date and location are still in the dark.

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Their happiness knew no limit when Mia got pregnant with her first son and named him Sean. Another cute son Norri was born on July 20, 2018. There is no doubt that the pregnant hindered her career a bit, but for Sand, it was worth it. You can also see it on her Instagram that this Danish model always puts her family first.

What Is The Net Worth of Mia Sand? How Much Does She Earn?

Becoming a model is not an easy task, and being a fitness model is tougher than you can imagine. But this profession can make you famous overnight and help you make a good fortune. In 2020 according to some sources, it has been revealed that Mia sits on a net worth of $1.2 million.

Mia Sand net worth
Mia Sand sits on a net worth of $1.2 million.

In contrast to her hard work, determination, and passion, this amount seems to be less. In fact, her contribution to the fashion industry is immeasurable. It is surprising how she settles down in such low amounts.

In her spare time, Mia is often seen spending time with her loving husband and beloved kids. They are happy and living their life luxuriously. Apart from this, there is no data about their salary, cars, and mansions.

Social Media Presence

Despite the hectic schedule, Sand makes time for her beloved fans. The only way to do so is through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. You can follow her in the link below.

Instagram– 1.9m followers

Twitter– 15.8k followers

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