Ruby Stokes attending the Rocks Premiere.

Meet Ruby Stokes Siblings Seth And Clement Stokes: Parents And Age

Get to know about Ruby Stokes and her siblings Seth and Clement. Learn about their backgrounds, family, and personal information.

Ruby May Stokes is a rising star in the entertainment industry.   

Born on 4th September 2000, the 23 years old English actress has earned accolades for her appearances in films like Una (2016), Rocks (2019), and A Banquet (2021).

She is set to take the lead role in Netflix’s detective series Lockwood & Co (2023).

Ruby is also well-known for her portrayal of Francesca Bridgerton, the sixth child in the Shondaland-produced series Bridgerton (2020–2022).

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Meet The Stokes Family:

Hailing from Hackney, East London, Ruby belongs to a family of four.

She is the eldest among her two younger brothers, Seth and Clement Stokes.

While Clement recently made an appearance in the ITV series Angela Black, Seth is due to join him soon in the same ITV series.

Two brothers of Ruby Stokes.
Two brothers of Ruby Stokes. (Source: Instagram)

Even at such a young age, Ruby May Stokes has already established a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

As she looks forward to more exciting projects in the future, her brothers, Seth and Clement, are trailing in her footsteps.

We can only wait and watch what the siblings do next as they become a prominent part of the entertainment world.

As of 2023, we do not have any concrete information about her parents

A Journey In Acting Of Ruby

At a young age, Ruby was already certain about her career as an actor.

She enrolled herself in the BRIT School as well as the Young Actors Theatre Islington.

The actress even became a member of the London Youth Circus, part of the National Centre for Circus Arts.

Ruby alongside the cast of Bridgerton.
Ruby alongside the cast of Bridgerton. (Source: Instagram)

Ruby film debut came with the drama Una (2016). Here, she followed the titular character’s life as a young girl.

2020 proved to be a milestone year for Ruby when she was announced to play Francesca, the sixth Bridgerton child.

In the Netflix period drama, she was able to gain massive fame and recognition.

Upcoming Projects Of The Stokes

Ruby is set to star as Lucy Carlyle in Netflix’s Lockwood & Co., also alongside Samantha Morton in the Paramount+ adaptation of The Burning Girls.

Apart from Ruby, her younger brothers, Seth and Clement Stokes are taking the entertainment world by storm.

Stokes posts a picture with her friend.
Stokes posts a picture with her friend. (Source: Instagram)

According to Wikipedia, Seth is all set to portray Max Meyer in the six-part thriller series Angela Black.

Clement, on the other hand, plays the role of Sam Meyer in the same project.

In the series, both brothers have no idea that their father is abusive but are soon made aware of it.

Ruby May Stokes: Binary and A Rising Star In The Entertainment Industry

In an interview with British Vogue, Ruby revealed that she identifies as binary and uses the pronouns ‘she/her”.

The oldest of the Stokes has since been an advocate for gender equality and inclusion in the entertainment industry.

Riding on the success of the projects she has been a part of, Ruby has given motivational speeches at various colleges and universities, inspiring young people all around the world.

Ruby share a picture from the set of Bridgerton.
Ruby shares a picture from the set of Bridgerton. (Source: Instagram)

Ruby has come a long way since she started out as an actress.

She has gained international recognition for her work and continues to prove that age should not be a barrier when pursuing one’s dreams.

The fan base of Ruby Stokes is ever-growing and her popularity only increases with each passing day.

With her immense success, Ruby May Stokes is sure to attain superstardom soon. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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