Maureen Blumhardt Early Life, Body, Husband & Net Worth

Ever meet a kind and beautiful woman? If not, let me introduce Maureen Blumhardt, who is not just beautiful and talented but a person with a warm heart. Someone who values people’s lives around her more than of herself and is ready to fight and make a change. Suppose there is any person who truly knows the sweetness of life, then it’s no other than Maureen Blumhardt.

Maureen Blumhardt Age, Weight, Height, Husband, Net Worth
Maureen Blumhardt is a 59-year-old ex-model

Today let’s dig into the life facts of this kindhearted woman. Let’s talk about the life story and the secrets of her life. But before that, let’s check out the quick facts on Maureen below.

Early Life and Education of Maureen Blumhardt

Maureen Blumhardt is an American born humanitarian activist and ex-model. She was born in 1960, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The model has kept the month and day of her birthday secret.

Similarly, the information on her parents and siblings has also been kept secret until today. Hence we were unable to determine where and how she was raised and what are the name of the school and high schools she went to study when she was a child. But we know the fact that she degrees from Villanova University and the Columbia Journalism School.

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Maureen Blumhardt Age, Weight, Body Measurements

Maureen is a gorgeous looking 59-year-old Roman Catholic woman. She has a beautiful slim body. The beautiful ex-model is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 50 kilograms. Her body measurement (chest-waist-hips) includes 37-27-37 inches, respectively.

Maureen Blumhardt Age, Weight, Height
Gorgeous ex-model Maureen Blumhardt


She belongs to the cancer end’s zodiac group and wears a dress size of 6 (US) and shoe size of 8(US). The blond-haired and brown-eyed model is truly a masterpiece of god that everyone has appreciated. I can barely think of another woman, beautiful as Maureen. Her beauty knows no bounds.

Hobbies and Interest of Maureen Blumhardt

The beautiful model and humanitarian activist has stayed under the radar and hasn’t revealed almost everything about her privacy. But still, she has accepted the fact that she loves involving in humanitarian activities and receiving lovely feedback from the public.

Right now, the ex-model is engaged in the ‘Fresh Start Women’s Foundation’ as an honorary member. The foundation holds campaign for the woman welfare.

We were unable to retain any other likings and desires of the model, as we have already explained the fact that she loves to keep her secrets for herself. If any points are to revealed in the future, we will update our post. Please stay tuned.

Maureen Blumhardt Career History

As a young girl, Maureen wanted to get into the profession of acting and modeling, but things don’t work the way you want, do they? Maybe a god is too busy to address everyone’s wishes; some of the desires remain a faraway dream forever.

Maureen Blumhardt and her career history
Maureen Blumhardt with her husband, Charles Barkley

Maureen is no exception; her dream to shine as an actress remained a dream forever. But still, she got the opportunity to build her career in modeling. She once appeared in an advertisement for a body-vibration machine called the ‘Noblerex K-1.’

As for today, Maureen is busy in her charitable work through her non-profit organization in Phoenix named ‘Fresh Start Women’s Foundation,’ whose sole purpose is to strengthen the condition of fellow females.

Till today Maureen has made a significant contribution to the allocation of resources for the fight against injustice, inequality, and improvement of women’s lives. Hence, Maureen is one of the most respected women in the United States of America.

Reasons Behind the Successful Career of Maureen Blumhardt

Nobody gets success in their life, just sitting and doing nothing. Determination is the only key to real success. Borne, in a middle-class family, Maureen experienced various hardships that a privileged high-class family girl can’t.

Going through ups and downs and learning through the past mistakes shaped her personality in such a beautiful way that suited her gorgeous looks. Hence, it is no wonder that Maureen was successful in her modeling career.

Maureen Blumhardt
Maureen Blumhardt chilling with her daughter.

But the model was not satisfied with her success. After all, a kindhearted person like her would never find peace when the fellow females around her are suffering inequality and injustice. Hence, she decided to do everything in her power to fight against gender inequality and uplift the women’s condition in American neighborhoods.

Today Maureen’s contribution is known throughout American society. American citizens admire her for sacrificing her privileged life just to fight for ordinary people. She shall be remembered for this.

Maureen Blumhardt and her Relationship Story

The beautiful ex-model had quite a romantic love story. During the 80s, Maureen first encountered Charles Barkley in the City Avenue Restaurant. Charles was a former NBA All-Star and had played for Philadelphia’s basketball team. He belonged to the Afro-American ethnicity.

Maureen Blumhardt's relationship
Maureen Blumhardt with her husband, Charles Barkley

The couple had quite a strange beginning. They both were well aware of racial discrimination in American society, and due to the fact, they didn’t felt confident in talking to each other. But the heart wants what it wants. With the power of love, the couple set their differences aside and found a common side. Yes, they had to hide their love at first, but it’s worth taking risks in love.

In 1989 Maureen Blumhardt and the love of her life Charles Barkley got married. They have been in the relationship for 25 years long, and till today they are a happy couple. Now they have a daughter, and her name is Christiana Barkley. Maureen was the one who helped Charles to quit his gambling habit, due to which he lost almost a million dollars. For this, Charles is grateful to his wife until this day and often shows his respect in the media.

In this world of lies and betrayal, the bond between Maureen and Charles is quite exceptional. We have often heard of people facing relationship problems due to a lack of trust and faithfulness among their partners.

People are changing relationships as if they are changing their dress. The value of bonds is almost zero to none. But Charles has remained faithful to his wife, and so do Maureen. I hope their relationship keeps on blooming like a spring flower.  May God bless them with infinite rainbows.

Maureen Blumhardt’s Net Worth and Property

Blumhardt is quite a secretive female personality. She likes to keep her private life secret. Hence her net worth is quite a secret as well. But according to some social media source, the ex-model net worth has been estimated to be $1 million. Her other forms of property are unknown.

Maureen’s husband, Charles’s net worth is much higher than of her. His net worth is around $35 million, which is quite a considerable sum.

Social Media Presence of Maureen Blumhardt

We searched for Maureen’s link on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but were unable to find any of her traces. The reason why we have failed to find any links may be due to the secretive nature of the beautiful ex-model. We will be in our pursuit of finding the required information and ensuring you update our posts if we find any link to the model on the social sites. Please stay tuned.

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