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“Having money is rather like being blond. It is more fun but not vital” Mary Quant. She is a British fashion designer who has invented comfortable apparel for women. The mini skirt, colorful tights, and garments are all thanks to Mary. This designer is best known to create something that everybody wants more stylishly. That is also the reason why her design is thriving all over the world.

Mary Quant age
The 86 years old fashion designer Mary Quant

So today, all we are going to do is talk about this beauty. The discussion will include her age, height, body, career, husband, net worth, and more. We will also talk about her contribution to the fashion industry. Before jumping straight to the article, let’s peek on her life through some quick facts.

Who Is Mary Quant?- Short Bio

Dame Barbara Mary Quant is a fashion designer who made all the women in the world look hot with her marvelous creation. She grew up in a fine place of Blackheath, London, England, along with her Welsh parents. Sources suggest that her mother’s name is Mildred Quant, and her father’s name is Jack.

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Mary is blessed to have a younger brother John Antony “Tony” Quant, who was a high ranking Dental officer in the Royal Air Force. This talented designer enrolled in Blackheath High School. Later she decided to study illustration at Goldsmiths College. There this lady received her Diploma in Art Education at the age of 19 in 1953.

How Old Is Mary Quant? Is She Alive? Where Is She Now?

This fantastic fashion designer was born on 11 February 1934. As of now, she is 86 years old and falls under the sun sign of Aquarius. Her bangs form a shape ‘C’ in the forehead. She is mostly seen in short hair.

Mary Quant profession
Mary Quant at the moment

Yes, this talented designer is still alive and living her life happily in someplace of Britain. As she is in her 90s, Mary hardly makes an appearance in the media. This beauty belongs to British nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Professional Career

In 1955, Quant opened a shop with lawyer and photographer Archie McNair. In the shop, they sold Mary’s bizarre and bazaar designs with several accessories and jewelry. Passers-by were fascinated by the mannequin in quirky poses and the collection. Soon bigwigs of the industry showed up in the shop.

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As a result, Alexander provided a place in the basement for them to talk freely. Soon from Princess Margaret, Tony Snowdon, Prine Rainier of Monaco, Grace Kelly to directors, artists and writers, all visited her.

Mary Quant son
The amazing fashion designer Mary Quant

In 1955, the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Mary, was seen on the editorial, printing a sleeveless daytime tunic. The tunic was worn beautifully in culotte trousers. Moreover, the picture was captioned as,

“big penny spots on smart tan pyjamas, 4 guineas, from Bazaar, a new Boutique”

In 1957, Mary launched her second shop in Knightsbridge. With time in 1962, she collaborated with the American chain store JC Penny. In 1963, her apparel was sold in cheaper wholesale line Ginger Group. By 1966 Quants flawless, miniskirts, tights, and garments were spreading like wildfire in the market.

From that moment on, Mary’s collection and creativity knew no limits. Her legacy still remains a fundamental part of women of the 20th century. And it is sure that her work will strive in many centuries to come. Lastly, this American designer has played a pivotal role in the history of fashion.

Who Is Mary Quant Husband?

This pretty lady bumped with Alexander Plunket Greene at Goldsmith College. Later she found him to be her business partner and a life partner. This lovey-dovey couple walked down the aisle in 1957. Their happiness knew no limit when Mary gave birth to son Orlando in 1970.

Mary Quant husband
Mary Quant is married to Alexander Plunket Greene

Life does not go as expected. Therefore Quant lost the love of her life in 1990. That is undoubtedly the most devastating incident in her life. The cause of his death is not known in the media.

How Much Does Mary Quant Earn?- Net Worth

There is no denying that this legend makes a lot of money from her collections. She is the pioneer of miniskirt since 1958. The name “Mini” was given after her favorite car, the Mini. Not to mention she is a car lover and had one designed for her only.

Mary Quant net worth
Mary Quant amassed a lot of fortune from her profession as a designer

Later Mary’s hotpants became an Internet sensation in 1960. This fantastic persona was also the owner of Mary Quant Ltd. However, due to some reason, she sold the company to the Japanese. Not to forget, Mary Quant’s exceed 200 types of colors.

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Speaking of her net worth, there is no valid information about it to the general mass. But we assume it to be more than a million. Unfortunately, her car collection, mansions, and income are still in the dark.

Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, Mary is not available on social media platforms like other fashion designers. But we do not blame it on her as sometimes the Internet can be a scary place to be. Whatever the case, the choice is all hers.

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