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Marvel At The meteoric Rise Of 13 Year Old Actor Reyn Doi!

We’re taking a closer look at Reyn Doi, the 13-year-old Singaporean actor who gained fame by appearing in That ’90s Show. We’ll discuss his upbringing and his parents, as well as speculate on Reyn Doi’s net worth.

Reyn Doi is best known for starring alongside popular American actors in That ’90s Show, a television sitcom set in the fictional town of Formosa Bay.

While his role in the show has seen him grow in popularity, it isn’t his first foray into the entertainment industry.

At 10, Reyn Doi made his debut in Singapore’s Channel 8 drama “Love Across Borders”.

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Family ties: How Terence Doi’s Career In The Film Industry Helped Shape Reyn’s Success

Raised in Singapore, Reyn Doi is known as the son of actor and voice artist Terence Doi, and former radio DJ Yvonne Doi.

Since Reyn’s father has worked extensively in the Singapore film industry, Reyn was exposed to the performing arts early.

reyn doi with his father
Reyn Doi with his father,  Terence Doi. (Source: Facebook)

Yvonne Doi has credited her son’s success in part to his father’s influence, noting,

“I’m thankful for the support Terence has provided for Reyn’s career. His experience in the industry has allowed them to make deeper connections with producers and casting directors who have helped him significantly along the way.”

Reyn Doi has also enjoyed some success off-screen. At the age of 10, he had already been featured in several local adverts and ads for prestigious international brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

He is also known to have become the youngest male model to grace the cover of Men’s Folio magazine, one of Singapore’s leading fashion magazines.

Due to his involvement in the entertainment industry, many are wondering what Reyn Doi’s net worth is.

Reyn Doi’s Net Worth Revealed

While it is impossible to tell accurately, estimates suggest that he could be worth upwards of $400k given his successful acting and modeling careers as per the married biography.  Reyn Doi’s success doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon.

In the past few years, Reyn has already gone on to land roles in other television shows as well as in various short films. 

All in all, Reyn Doi has achieved impressive success at only 13 years old. Considering he isn’t even out of his teens yet, we can only imagine what the future has in store for this young star.

With his parents’ support and his hard work, Reyn Doi’s net worth is likely to only continue to increase over the years.

From stage to screen: Reyn Doi’s impressive voice acting career

Reyn Doi is also a talented voice actor. He has lent his voice to various shows and films, including the Singapore-China animation series “Tiger and Heroes 1.0”, as well as Netflix’s original animated movie “The Willoughbys.”

Reyn Doi in That '90s Show
Reyn Doi in That ’90s Show. (Source: IMDb)

He has been praised for the range and versatility of his voice and its ability to convey different emotions and characters. Reyn Doi has also been acknowledged for his hard work.

In 2017, he received the Young Artist Award for Excellence in Acting at the 8th Asian Academy Creative Awards.

This award was in recognition of his impressive performance in That ’90s Show.

Reyn Doi: Achieving Excellence in Both Career and Academics

Not only does Reyn Doi have a successful career, but he is also an exemplary student. His mother, Yvonne Doi, revealed in an interview that Reyn is an A* student who excels in all subjects, such as mathematics, sciences, and humanities.

In addition to his academic excellence, Reyn Doi is also multi-talented. He enjoys playing various musical instruments, including the piano and guitar, as well as practicing martial arts like Taekwondo.

Reyn Doi’s hardworking nature and passion for the performing arts have made him a role model for many aspiring actors in Singapore.

Various local publications have featured articles about him, highlighting his achievements and inspiring others to persevere despite their age.

Reyn Doi’s Bonding with Family and Pets: A Glimpse into his Personal Life

When Reyn Doi is not busy with his acting commitments, he loves to spend time with his family.

He is known to be very close to his parents, and much of his free time is spent playing games or watching movies with his family.

Reyn Doi Having a Good Time with his Pet
Reyn Doi Having a Good Time with his Pet. (Source: Instagram)

Reyn Doi also loves animals and owns two pet dogs. He often posts pictures of them on his social media accounts, and it’s clear that he cares deeply for them.

In addition to his pet dogs, Reyn Doi also has a pet rabbit that he found in the park. He adopted the rabbit and named her “Little Bun.” Since then, Little Bun has become part of the family.

Rising Star Reyn Doi’s dedication to philanthropy sets him apart

Reyn Doi is known to be involved in various philanthropic activities. He is an ambassador for the Singapore Children’s Society and also donates to various animal shelters regularly.

Reyn Doi is destined for greater heights. With his hard work and dedication, we can only expect even more impressive achievements from him in the future.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young star.

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