Marta Marzotto

Marta Marzotto Real Name, Husband, Kids, Profession & Net Worth

Marta Marzotto is a late model, fashion designer, beauty pageant, socialite, and actress from Italy who died in 2016 at the age of 85. Not to mention, she was the mother of the renowned Italian businessman Matteo Marzotto.

Marta Marzotto profession
The former Italian socialite, model, beauty pageant, actress, and fashion designer Marta Marzotto

Even after the death of Marzotto, people want to know about her since she was one of the famous leading models from Italy. And via this post, we will talk about this former fashionista in detail. If you want to know her well, stick with us guys until the end of this post.

Marta Marzotto| Quick Facts

Full Name:Marta Vacondio
Birth Date:February 24, 1931
Age:85 years (February 24, 1931 – July 29, 2016)
Birth Place:Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Father’s Name:Guerrino Vacondio
Mother’s Name: Alma Spadoni
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Blonde
Profession:Model, Beuty queen, actress, and Fashion designer
Husband:Umberto Marzotto (December 18, 1954 – 1986)
Kids:Paola, Annalisa, Vittorio Emanuele, Maria Diamante, and Matteo Marzotto
Social Media PresenceN/A

Marta Marzotto| Early Life and Parents

Marta Marzotto was born as Marta Vacondio in Borzano di Albinea, Italy where she spent most of her childhood days. Well, she was an Italian by nationality and used to belong to the white ethnicity.

Moreover, this former model is the daughter of Guerrino Vacondio and Alma Spanodi. Not to mention, her father was a railway toll collector while her mother used to work as a mondina, i.e., a seasonal worker in the rice fields.

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Do not forget; this lady lived the first three years of her life entrusted to the sisters of Reggio Emilia in an orphanage. Well, we could not find anything regarding siblings as of now.

Speaking of her alma mater, there is not enough information available in the media. Well, we are reviewing this thing, if anything pops out about her education, then we will update you right away.

Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Marzotto was born in the year 1931, but she died back in 2016 at the age of 85 on July 29. Further, she used to fall in the zodiac sign of Pisces since her birth date was February 24.

Speaking of her death, she died due to Cancer in Milan at the La Madonnina nursing home. Well, the farewell ceremony of her was celebrated by Do Davide Banzato in Milan on August 1, 2016, at the church of the Minor Franciscans of Sant’Angelo.

Marta Marzotto death
Marta Marzotto died at 85 in the year 2016

Additionally, the socialite had a tall stature, but we could not find her exact height on the internet as of now. Likewise, the details of her bodyweight, shoe size, and dress size are off the record.

During Marta’s prime time, she had the best body in the industry, and her physique was natural. Added to that, her beautiful face, luscious blonde hair, bewitching hazel eyes, big smile, and fair skin play vital roles to sum up her physical outlook.

Professional Career

Marzotto began working as a mondina in Mortara, Lomellina, and it was her first profession. After that, she did the job of apprentice seamstress for some time until becoming a professional model.

Do not forget; she modeled for the Aguzzi sisters’ tailor’s shop located in Milan. More so, the woman then worked as a model for the fashion designer Vincenzo Ferdinandi and also walked a runway in Rome.

Marta Marzotto height
The blonde-haired Miss Italy 1987, Marta Marzotto

Also, Marta was one of the leading fashion models in the business and walked the catwalks for several fashion designers and clothing brands. Moreover, she was also featured on the cover page of various magazines and campaigns.

Furthermore, the lady was an actress who starred in Italian movies and TV series, including Summer Night with Greek Profile, Almond Eyes and Scent of Basil (1986), Il Quizzone (1994), and Quelli che… il Calcio (1993).

Not only that, but the ex-model was a fashion and jewelry designer too. Meanwhile, in the late 1960s, she was the dominant female figure in Renato Guttuso‘s painting and represented many works together.

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On top of that, Marzotto was named an honorary citizen in the year 2000 as a sign of the fight against the Camorra in the in the following municipalities in the province of Caserta : Trentola-Ducenta, Villa Literno, Santa Maria la Fossa, Lusciano, San Cipriano d’Aversa, Casal di Principe, Casapesenna, San Marcellino, Grazzanise, Castel Volturno, San Tammaro, Frignano, Casaluce, Villa di Briano, and Casapulla.

Personal Life, Marriage, and Kids

Meanwhile, Marta got married to Umberto Marzotto on the date of December 18, 1954. Talking about Umberto, he is the co-owner of the textile industry of the Marzotto SpA group.

It is not known that when the two of them first met and began dating, but the couples engaged two years before finally walking down on the aisle together.

Not to mention, the duo shared five children. Meanwhile, they welcomed their first child Paola Marzotto on May 25, 1955. Likewise, Marta gave birth to Annalisa Marzotto, Vitorio Emanuele Marzotto, Maria Diamante Marzotto, and Matteo Marzotto with her then-husband.

Do not forget, her second child, Annalisa (daughter), died in the year 1989 from Cystic Fibrosis. More than that, her son Matteo is an Italian businessman who also works in the fashion industry.

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Well, Marta and her first husband officially divorced in 1986; however, they separated more than a decade ago before ending their marriage legally.

Not only that, but the late fashion model was the longtime companion of the Italian painter Renato Guttuso in the 1950s. More so, she had a brief relationship with Lucio Magri, an Italian politician.

Marta Marzotto| Net Worth, Income, and Lifestyle

Marzotto was active in the fashion industry for several decades; this late diva made awe-inspiring money with her different professions, such as being a model, actress, fashion designer, and beauty pageant.

At the time of her death, i.e., in 2016, the persona had an estimated net worth of $5 million. Indeed, she had a fruitful professional career; hence, she earned such an impressive wealth.

Marta Marzotto net worth
Marta Marzotto had an estimated net worth of $5 million during the time of her death.

Well, she lived a luxurious lifestyle most of her living days since she was one of the most successful personalities in the showbiz business.

Besides that, we could not find the details about her cars, house, income, and salary during the period of her death. If anything valuable information comes out, then readers will be updated right away.

Social Media Reach

Marta preferred to live a low-key lifestyle and was not officially available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when she was alive.

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