Maricela Cornejo

Maricela Cornejo Parents Religion Siblings And Family Ethnicity

Maricela Cornejo parents always support her throughout her career. Cornejo previously held the WBC international female super middleweight belt.

Maricela Cornejo is a well-known name in Women’s Professional Boxing circles worldwide.

Maricela rose to prominence in 2015 by defeating Latashia Burton at Mana Studios in Miami, Florida, to become the former WBC International Female Super Middleweight Title holder.

Eight months later, she was back in the spotlight when she faced Kali Reis for the vacant WBC World Female Middleweight Title at Trust Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

Despite confronting unwelcome controversy with a split decision loss, her presence in that pivotal time cemented its place in New Zealand boxing history!

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Maricela Cornejo Parents 

Based on our investigation, there needs to be more information about Maricela Cornejo’s parents and siblings.

Maricela seems determined to disclose only information as a professional boxer primarily committed to advancing her career through consistent performance.

That is strictly related to this field without allowing any conflicts to arise by deviating into personal aspects like family successes or heritage regarding ethnic affiliation at this time.

Maricela Cornejo parents
Maricela Cornejo gives herself a chance to fight. (Source- Presenter Prise

Maricela’s decisions must be respected; however, we can update everyone if there are any specifics about recent advancements in these realms.

Overall The bouts and journey Maricela underwent inside that boxing ring serve as a testament to her grit, skill, and dedication to her sport, leaving a lasting impression on women’s professional boxing.

Maricela Cornejo Ethnicity And Religion

While it is known that she was born on April 16, 1987, in Prosser, Washington, and is an American citizen, she has chosen to maintain her privacy regarding other aspects of her life, such as her family history and ethnicity.

Maricela Cornejo is a skilled professional boxer who competes in the super middleweight division in American boxing.

With a height of 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) and a weight of roughly 166.5 lb (76 kg; 11 kg 13 lb), Cornejo is a formidable opponent aspiring boxers should pay particular attention to.

She has an impressive record, having won fourteen fights and only dropping five so far in her career, all via knockout.

Due to successful spells cast in several cities worldwide, Cornejo has emerged from defeat thanks to her determination and willpower.

This exceptional athlete made a significant accomplishment when winning the vacant WBC International female super middleweight title, a testimonial of her tenacity.

Her significant contribution to the sport will spur more success in this heart-pounding activity.

Maricela Cornejo Siblings

There is no information regarding Maricela’s siblings. Maricela prefers to keep her personal life secret.

Because of her outstanding accomplishments and continuous commitment to the sport, Maricela Cornejo has made a name for herself in the world of women’s professional boxing.1

Her experience in the ring has demonstrated her tenacity, skill, passion, and perseverance, leaving a lasting impression on women’s professional boxing landscape. We respect Maricela Cornejo’s decision to keep certain private parts of her life.

Maricela Cornejo defeated Simone Silva, the previous Brazilian National Champion. (source: criscyborg)

The professional boxer is focused on keeping information about previous relationships private and refuses to provide details about her marriage or fiancé.

The impact of Maricela Cornejo goes beyond the boxing arena. She has entered several commercial ventures and endorsement agreements due to her marketability and expanding fan following.

Cornejo has increased her income through these endeavors while strengthening her reputation as a successful athlete and role model.

In addition to her accomplishments in the boxing world, Maricela Cornejo is renowned for her charitable work.

She actively uses her platform to assist humanitarian groups and causes and positively influences society. Her commitment to helping others reflects her incredible character and sincere compassion.

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