Marc Polymeropoulos

Marc Polymeropoulos Wikipedia: Family And Wife

Marc Polymeropoulos Wikipedia: An Ex CIA intelligence service Officer, let us dive into his early life, wife and family information.

Marc Polymeropoulos is a distinguished  CIA field operation officer of his time. 

He is a specialist in counterterrorism, covert action and human intelligence collection.

Furthermore, he is the author of the book “Clarity in Crisis.”

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Marc Polymeropoulos Wikipedia And Age

Marc Polymeropoulos seems like a man in his late 40s or early 50s, but no information on his exact date of birth is disclosed on the internet.

But as per reports, it is said that he functioned for nearly 26 years at the CIA before retiring at the Senior Intelligence Service level, from that, we can guess he is probably a  person born around the 1970s to 1980s.

Marc Polymeropoulos
Looking good in those shades. Source: Twitter

Polymeropoulos has a beard, not too long, though, which widely influences his overall impression.

Marc looks like a healthy man weighing the correct quantity which makes it confident he takes good care of his health and well-being.

The man in his early 50s or late 40s, indicating a mature age displays signs of wisdom and life experiences.

He aims to pass on knowledge to the world, like sports and business, which he accumulated from the time he served in the CIA, the focal point of the world.

He believes whatever the profession may be, the principles he follows that he terms “Finding Clarity in the Shadows” apply to whatever anyone does in their life.

Marc in his Twitter bio writes he is retired from three letter agency and is a TBI survivor.

The EX CIA officer also mentions that he is a healthcare advocate, public speaker and podcaster.

He has a decent amount of followers, around 36.4k over there.

Although no information is found about his parents, it won’t be wrong to assume he grew up in a nurturing and remarkable family.

He is an inspiration to many around the world, and there are a whole lot of things to learn from him.

Who Is Marc Polymeropoulos Wife, Cynthia Saddy?

The name of Marc’s wife is Cynthia Saddy. She is gorgeous, and the couple seems to complement each other well. They seem to be in happy marital life and have been living an extraordinary life.

The EX CIA intelligence service officer is a family man. He took his Twitter account to share a loving picture with his wife on their wedding anniversary.

Marc Polymeropoulos
All smiles on the anniversary Source: Twitter.

He is an active user of Twitter. However, there is no authentic Instagram account of Marc.

In her recent post on her social media, she is spotted celebrity her birthday with her friends.

Through the post, she claims to be the luckiest, surrounded by all the caring people in her life. She probably is achieving great deals of achievement in her life too.

Just like her husband Marc, she also happens to be a supporter and enthusiast of sports; she shares numerous memories of her enjoying and supporting softball.

Marc Polymeropoulos Family And Children

Cynthia’s love for baseball is justifiable as their son turns out to be a baseball player himself. The name of the blessed couple’s son is Chris Polymeropoulos; he is a handsome boy with a well-built body.

Marc Polymeropoulos
Quality time with son  Source: Twitter

He is most probably in his teenage years. He is loved and cared for and had a perfect upbringing from his wonderful parents.

His father, Marc, calls him Casas, which might be the nickname he came up with for his adorable son.

On the other hand, there is no report of the pair having a daughter or any siblings of Chris, for that matter.

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