Maddison Inglis Brother

Maddison Inglis Brother: Meet James Inglis And Sister Georgia Inglis

Maddison Inglis Brother, James Inglis, is a significant part of the family’s athletic history, further strengthened by their sister, Georgia.

Maddison Inglis, an Australian tennis sensation born on January 14, 1998, has made a significant mark in tennis.

Achieving a career-high singles ranking of 112 in March 2020, she has impressively clinched six singles and six doubles titles on the ITF Women’s Circuit.

Inglis burst onto the Grand Slam scene with her debut at the 2015 Australian Open doubles. Her journey includes a notable wildcard win at the 2016 Australian Open and a career milestone at the 2022 Australian Open, reaching the third round.

Additionally, she made her Wimbledon debut in 2022. Inglis’ career is highlighted by her triumph at the 2020 Burnie International, which propelled her upwards.

With a blend of resilience and skill, Maddison Inglis is formidable on the court, showcasing her talent in singles and doubles.

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Maddison Inglis Brother: Meet James Inglis

Maddison Inglis, renowned in the tennis world, shares the spotlight with her brother, James Inglis, a prominent figure in motorsport.

James Inglis has carved a niche in the thrilling realm of sprint car racing, particularly in the Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series. Racing at prestigious venues like the Perth Motorplex Speedway in Australia, he has demonstrated considerable skill behind the wheel.

James Inglis is not just a racer. He is a consistent top performer known for clinching race wins and securing leading positions. His adeptness in accruing points has established him as a top contender in the series.

Maddison Inglis Brother
James Inglis is a prominent figure in motorsport. (Source: Instagram)

His engagement with teams like Diamond Bay Motorsport underscores his active, influential presence in the racing community.

More than a skilled driver, James is known for his strategic insight, often making crucial decisions like tire changes mid-race, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of the sport.

In the fast-paced, competitive world of sprint car racing, James Inglis has made a mark as a formidable competitor.

Maddison Inglis Sister: Who Is Georgia Inglis?

Georgia Inglis, sister to tennis player Maddison Inglis, is an inspiring Australian wheelchair basketball player.

Born on March 28, 1994, Georgia’s life took a dramatic turn in 2004 following a severe accident. Overcoming adversity, she emerged as a talented athlete, making her mark in the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) with the Perth Western Stars.

Notably, she played a crucial role in their 2013 championship victory. Georgia’s academic achievements are equally impressive.

Maddison Inglis Brother
Maddison Inglis with her sister. (Source: Instagram)

Holding a Bachelor’s in health science from Curtin University and currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Alabama.

On the international stage, she debuted in 2011, securing a silver medal in the Under 25 World Championships.

Her prowess extended to the senior team, the Gliders, participating in essential tournaments like the IWBF Asia/Oceania Championships and earning silver at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

As of 2023, Georgia continues to excel in the sport, participating in the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships in Dubai.

Maddison Inglis Siblings Age Gap

Maddison Inglis, born on January 14, 1998, is part of a talented Australian sporting family with notable age gaps between her and her siblings.

Her sister, Georgia Inglis, born on March 28, 1994, is four years her senior. Georgia, a resilient and accomplished wheelchair basketball player, has made significant strides in national and international arenas.

On the other hand, Maddison’s brother, James Inglis, known for his prowess in sprint car racing, has not disclosed his birth date, making the exact age gap uncertain.

Despite these age differences, the Inglis siblings share a common thread of dedication and excellence in their respective sports.

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