Lewis Dunk Tattoo

Lewis Dunk Tattoo: Meaning And Design Explain

Lewis Dunk Tattoo: While Lewis Dunk is making a name for himself in the football world, fans love his game and his tattoo. Not to mention, Dunk’s tattoos are one of a kind.

Born on 21 November 1991 in Brighton, East Sussex, Lewis Dunk is a professional English footballer. He plays as a center-back for Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion, which he captains. 

Dunk turned professional in 2010. Since then, he was promoted to the Premier League with Brighton and was named to the year’s championship team. 

Lewis is also widely known as the son of former Sussex non-league player Mark Dunk.

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Lewis Dunk Tattoo

Football might be Lewis’s first love, but his love for tattoos is not less. The footballer loves tattoos and has several tattoos on his chest and arm.

This shows Lewis has a deep affection for tattoos. He proudly displays a collection of inked masterpieces with special meaning. 

Lewis Dunk Tattoo
Lewis Dunk’s Lion Tattoo on his chest. (Source: Twitter

Dunk’s permanent artworks inked onto his skin represent his unwavering commitment and dedication, mirroring his exceptional football performances. 

These intricate designs capture his love for football and provide an outlet for his artistic spirit.

Lewis’s tattoos tell a compelling story, showing his constant dedication to what he does and reflecting his unique style, leaving a lasting mark both on and off the field. 

Lewis Dunk Tattoo: Meaning And Design Explained

Dunk has this massive tattoo of two lions on his chest. He got inked by @gullytattoo, a Tattoo Artist & Owner of Top Boy Tattoo.

The footballer posted a picture of his tattoos on January 23, 2017, captioning the post, Thank you @gullytattoo for the start of my chest tattoo can’t wait to get it finished.. everyone check his work out”

Even though Lewis has never spoken about the tattoo’s meaning on his chest, he seems to love it. We believe the tattoo to have a special meaning. 

Lewis Dunk Tattoo
Lewis Dunk has a Tattoo on his right arm. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Lewis has another huge tattoo on his right arm which we can clearly see during his game or any pictures of him. The tattoo on his right arm consists of a flying bird and eyes and others. 

It is attractive and definitely holds a special meaning.  However, the footballer has never talked about its meaning. 

Moreover, Lewis has not mentioned where he got his right arm tattoo and what inspired him to get that tattoo. 

Lewis Dunk Networth 

The talented English footballer Lewis Dunk has enjoyed significant financial success throughout his career.

Currently playing for Brighton & Hove Albion, Dunk has earned a considerable net worth.

He secured a highly lucrative contract with the club, signing a five-year deal worth £11,700,000, according to spotrac.

This translates to an impressive average annual salary of £2,340,000, showcasing the club’s belief in his abilities.

With this contract, Dunk earns a weekly income of £72,000, highlighting his status as a well-paid professional athlete.

Lewis Dunk
Lewis Dunk is a champ! (Source: Instagram

His substantial earnings reflect his skill, hard work, and contributions to the game of football.

Dunk’s financial success recognizes his achievements and emphasizes the financial rewards of playing at the sport’s highest level.

Off the field, Dunk likely benefits from various endorsement deals, sponsorships, and other business ventures that often accompany the success of prominent athletes.

As he progresses, Lewis Dunk’s net worth is expected to grow with his talent and reputation in the football world.

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