Leo and Longevity death

Leo And Longevity Death: How Did Leo Rex Died? Youtuber Found Dead In Pattaya Apartment

YouTuber Leo and Longevity death aroused several questions after he suddenly died at age 34 in mysterious circumstances. Leo, who claimed to be an expert in penis enlargement, was found in his ransacked apartment in Pattaya, Thailand.

Laith Abdallah Algaz, popularly known as Leo Rex, was a YouTube star who ran a health and fitness blog called “Leo and Longevity.”

He mainly posted videos about men’s mental and physical health, with his videos on penis enlargement receiving the most views. He claimed to be the foremost expert in penis enlargement and would often share advice on increasing penis size using a pumping system and weights.

However, his content was not limited to sexual advice, as he also created videos about steroid use and bodybuilding. His death at 34, under mysterious circumstances in his ransacked Pattaya apartment, sparked a Police investigation.

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Leo And Longevity Death: How Did Leo Rex Died?

Leo and Lonetivity was found dead in his apartment where he was residing at the time of death. He was only wearing a black t-shirt and no pants, and dried blood flowed from his mouth and nose.

The Police were called to the scene by other residents of the apartment complex, and according to the detectives on the scene, he had been dead for approximately five hours before he was discovered.

Leo and Longevity Death
Police were today investigating the mysterious death of a famous American ‘penis enlargement’ YouTuber found dead in his ransacked apartment in Thailand. ( Image Source: The US Sun )

The cause of death has yet to be determined, and the Institute of Forensic Medicine received Laith’s body for a post-mortem examination.

The cause of Leo Longevity’s death remains unknown, and investigations are ongoing. Some sources suggest that Leo had been experiencing health problems and seeking medical attention before his death.

Reports also mention that he may have been dealing with financial issues and homesickness, but it is unclear if these factors contributed to his death. The official investigation report is expected to provide more information on the cause of his death.

Youtuber Found Dead In Pattaya Apartment

Laith Abdallah Algaz, the 34 years YouTuber known as Leo Rex, has been found dead in his Pattaya apartment. He self-described  himself as the ‘foremost expert in penis enlargement,

The circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious and have sparked a Police investigation. Laith was discovered naked, apart from a black shirt, lying face down with blood coming from his mouth and nose and a bruise on his left eye.

Leo Rex found dead
Leo Rex was Found dead in his apartment in Thailand. ( Image Source: Evolution of Bodybuilding )

His clothes were scattered, and the shelves and toilet in the bathroom had been destroyed. Police found various drugs, including anxiety tablets, sleeping pills, steroids, cannabis, and antidepressants, at the scene.

Laith’s friend, Charles Anthony Hughes, discovered the body after the YouTuber failed to answer his calls. Laith’s YouTube channel, Leo and Longevity, focuses on health and wellness, emphasizing penis enlargement techniques.

Leo Rex Net Worth

According to Gh Gossip,  Leo Rex had an estimated net worth of $1 million at the time of his death.

He had built a successful YouTube channel called Leo and Longevity with over 128k subscribers and over 11 million views. The channel focused on health and wellness, emphasizing penis enlargement techniques, which Leo claimed to be an expert in.

Leo and Longevity.
Leo and Longevity With Tony Huge in the Gym. ( Image Source: Fitness Volt )

It is unclear how much income Leo generated from his YouTube channel, but he likely earned money through advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Leo also had a website where he sold products related to male enhancement, such as pills and supplements. Leo’s sudden death has left his fans and followers shocked and saddened, and the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death is ongoing.

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