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Larry Birkhead Wife Daughter And Net Worth in 2023

Discover all about Larry Birkhead wife, their relationship, and family. Get insights into personal life, Net Worth and find out more about his daughter.

Larry Birkhead is an American celebrity photographer known for his past relationship with the late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.

Born on January 22, 1973, in Louisville, Kentucky, Birkhead pursued a journalism degree at the University of Louisville before embarking on a photography career.

While working as a photographer, he crossed paths with Anna Nicole Smith, ultimately becoming the Father of their daughter.

While his connection to Anna Nicole Smith garnered significant media attention, Larry Birkhead has continued his photography career, capturing moments behind the lens.

Though primarily recognized for his relationship with Smith, Birkhead has maintained a presence within the public eye, focusing on his professional endeavors and raising his daughter.

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Larry Birkhead Wife

Larry Birkhead has remained single since his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith.

Larry Birkhead, known for his tumultuous relationship with Anna Nicole Smith, has remained single since their time together.

Despite the challenges they faced, Larry was a loyal and supportive partner.

Larry Birkhead wife 1
Larry Birkhead with his partner, Anna Nicole Smith, who died aged 39 in 2007. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

However, their relationship hit a rough patch during Anna Nicole’s pregnancy, leading to her departure and giving birth to their daughter, Dannielynn, in the Bahamas.

Various men claimed to be Dannielynn’s father, but Larry fought for his rights and eventually won custody in a highly publicized legal battle.

Throughout the paternity Drama, Larry shows unwavering dedication and love for Anna Nicole and their daughter.

Despite not having a wife, Larry Birkhead has embraced his role as a devoted Father and continues to cherish his memories and connection with Anna Nicole.

Larry Birkhead Daughter

Larry Birkhead’s daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, was born in Nassau, Bahamas, on September 7, 2006.

Following Anna Nicole Smith’s initial claim that her partner Howard K. Stern was the Father, Birkhead contested and pursued a DNA test.

Tragically, Smith passed away from an accidental drug overdose in February 2007 at 39.

In April 2007, the DNA test confirmed Birkhead as Dannielynn’s biological Father.

Larry Birkhead Daughter
Dannielynn Birkhead and Larry Birkhead attend the 149th Kentucky Derby at Churchill. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

Birkhead expressed gratitude for the support and looked forward to raising his daughter.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Birkhead and Dannielynn stay connected to Anna Nicole’s memory.

They have appeared at the Kentucky Derby, where Birkhead and Smith first met, and attend the annual Barnstable Brown Gala.

Dannielynn pays tribute to her mother by wearing items associated with her famous campaigns. Birkhead cherishes his life-changing connection with Anna Nicole and the joy of raising their daughter.

Larry Birkhead Net Worth 2023

According to the source, Larry Birkhead’s net worth is around $3 million as of 2023.

His primary income source stems from his celebrity photographer and television personality career.

Throughout his professional journey, Birkhead has captured the media and public’s attention due to his association with the late Anna Nicole Smith and their daughter, Dannielynn.

Larry Birkhead
Larry Birkhead attends the Lifetime special screening: Robin Roberts Presents “Stolen By My Mother, The Kamiyah Mobley Story.” (Image Source: Getty Images)

While Birkhead’s personal life has been in the spotlight, he has also ventured into various endeavors to bolster his earnings.

Despite his challenges, Birkhead has managed to establish a successful career in the entertainment industry, contributing to his net worth.

With his continued involvement in television appearances and other business ventures, Larry Birkhead’s net worth is expected to evolve in the coming years.

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