Kiray Celis Boyfriend

Kiray Celis Boyfriend 2023: Is She Married To Stephan Estopia? Relationship Timeline

Kiray Celis Boyfriend is making headlines as the actress  gushed about him  on Friday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.”She revealed he was the one!

Kiray Celis is an incredible Filipino actress, comedian, entrepreneur, and vlogger who has captured the hearts of many. 

Kiray has become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Kiray’s journey to stardom began at a young age when she showcased her acting skills in various television shows and movies.

Beyond her acting career, Kiray is also a budding entrepreneur, utilizing her creativity and business acumen to establish her own ventures. 

In addition to her professional pursuits, Kiray has embraced the world of vlogging, connecting with her fans on a more personal level.

She shares snippets of her life through engaging and entertaining vlogs.

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Meet Kiray Celis Boyfriend 2023

Kiray Celis, a famous actress and comedian, is happily dating Stephan Estopia.

Stephan is not only a gamer but also an athlete and a member of the Alpha eSports team.

He frequently streams his gameplay of Valorant on Facebook, engaging with his audience.

Kiray spoke about their relationship on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” expressing her confidence that Stephan is “The One.”

She mentioned that her family also approves of their relationship, and her mother has been bugging her about it.

Kiray Celis Boyfriend
Kiray Celis with her  Boyfriend.(Source: Instagram

Surprisingly, Stephan has been a close friend of Kiray’s brother for a decade, often visiting their homes and spending time with her brother.

Initially, they weren’t even friends, but their bond grew stronger over time.

When Kiray informed her brother about their budding romance, he assured her that Stephan was a good person and should be treated well.

Kiray officially introduced Stephan to her parents three years ago, and the experience was described as “light and effortless.” 

Is She Married To Stephan Estopia?

Kiray Celis and Stephan Estopia are currently not married, but their commitment to each other is evident.

Stephan recently gave Kiray a promise ring, which brought immense joy to the actress.

She took to Instagram to share pictures of Stephan on one knee, presenting her with the ring in a beautiful velvet box.

The photos were taken at what appears to be Disneyland, where they were enjoying a romantic getaway.

Kiray Celis Boyfriend
Kiray Celis Boyfriend presents her with the promise ring. (Source: Instagram

Kiray expressed her happiness and gratitude towards Stephan in her caption, thanking him for his love and the ring.

She also clarified that it was a promise ring, urging everyone not to get carried away with assumptions.

After their time in Thailand, the couple flew to Japan to celebrate their third anniversary.

While they may not be married yet, their deep connection and affection for each other hint at a promising future.

Kiray Celis Relationship Timeline

Kiray Celis had its fair share of twists and turns in her relationship as she dated different people. 

In 2017, Kiray found herself in the company of Kirst Viray.

Their encounter was brief and was not meant to be a lasting connection.

Shortly after, Kiray entered into a relationship with Inand Ibasco.

They shared moments, going through the highs and lows of their romantic journey.

For two years, they created memories and supported each other, but eventually, they part ways in 2019.

As time passed, a new chapter of Celis’s love story unfolded in December 2020. Her path crossed with Stephan Estopia, a gamer and athlete.

Kiray’s current boyfriend, Stephan, became her rock. Since then, the couple have continued to share their moments and adventures on social media.

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