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Kendall Jenner is Blonde for Burberry’s Spring 2020 Show!!

Today at Burberry’s Spring 2020 show, there was something unique and different about Kendall Jenner. After revealing her decision to skip New York Fashion Week Kendall surprised the audience with her sudden appearance in London.

The 23 years old model Kendall Jenner graced the runway in her first show of the season, and what is better to start things off more than Burberry?

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The model cat-walked the runway with a black fringed skirt, a leather-edged white jacket with a belt design in the collar. What a creative way to play with the accessories! Except that, Jenner caught the eye of the audience with her Blonde hair.

Kendall Jenner goes blonde for Burberry
Kendall Jenner in the ramp for Burberry

Not to forget, the model was joined by other fellow models Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk.

Bella Hadid catwalk for Burberry
Bella Hadid catwalk for Burberry

The two BFF’s, Bella and Kendall has been synchronising their styles. The BFF duo stepped out for dinner on September 9 with a crop top that gave way to matching abs.

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Also, in fashion week shows, they both showed off their sculpted midsections and post-summer glow at the downtown hot spot, Carbone. Hadid rocked newly blonde lengths tied in a tight ponytail with a two-piece leather ensemble while Jenner wore a white skirt revealing her mile-long legs.

Kendall Jenner BFF Bella Haidid
BFF Kendall X Bella

They both are taking the BFF’s goals to a whole new level. Their matchy-matchy look is worth to watch out this season.

Kendall Jenner always experiments with style. Whether it is some clothes, hair or makeup, she tried them all. Her hair is of the previous length, and the colour seems to be classic honey-beige shade.

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Despite, it is hard to tell whether her new experiment is real or a well-executed wig. Previously, she has worn some wigs throughout the years. But there is no concrete fact data to support the available information.

In the show, Kendall Jenner also got a precious chance to close the show. The show Spring 2020 Ready To Wear has launched its many formal wears for men and women both.

Apart from the Burberry, Kendal is going to appear on the cover page of W Korea. Also, she is featuring boots for Stuart Weitzman.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner is on the cover page of W Korea

In this Burberry Spring 2020, Riccardo Tisci has put his hometown Italian taste. This twist is enough to make Burberry even better than before. Many might be aware of his European instinct for sexiness and his familiarity with modern fabrics. Along with this, he is skilled in cutting and draping.

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