Kellye Sorelle Death

Kellye Sorelle Death News After Her Mental Health Got Worse

People are curious to explore whether the Kellye Sorelle death news is accurate. This article will also give insight into her health.

Kellye SoRelle serves as general counsel for OathKeepers and an attorney for Latinos for Trump and Blacks for Trump.

In addition, the general counsel has a proven track record of working in the law enforcement sector and is an experienced former assistant district attorney.

However, the famous attorney, Kellye, entered the spotlight and became popular after being arrested on September 1, 2022.

Moreover, with the constant limelight, many are curious to know more about the general counsel for OathKeepers.

Kellye Sorelle Death News 

Recently, there have been rumors about the famous attorney, and people on the internet are curious to know if the speculation is true.

However, the authorities have not clarified the death news yet, nor has it been addressed. Thus, due to the lack of evidence regarding the rumors, we can say that they are a hoax.

Kellye Sorelle Death
News of the well-known attorney’s passing began to spread after she was declared unable to stand trial in the case on January 6. (Source: Business Insider)

Moreover, it looks like the rumors started to be speculated on the internet due to some misunderstanding or miscommunication as the lawyer failed to present herself on her trial due to her medical problem.

According to NBC News, SoRelle is accused of conspiring about the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Still, specialists for the prosecution and defense determined that she lacks the mental capacity to stand trial, scheduled for July.

Furthermore, we need to understand that spreading such false rumors of someone’s death can hurt their family and close friends, as the grief of death is very painful.

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Kellye Sorelle Heath Update

After the news that the lawyer is unable to stand trial, scheduled for July due to a health issue, many have shown interest in knowing its updates.

As mentioned before, the general counsel has not been doing great regarding her mental well-being, leading her to be unable to stand trial for her case on January 6, 2021.

Kellye Sorelle mental heatlth
The renowned lawyer suffered from a mental illness or defect that prevented her from comprehending the proceedings against her or providing sufficient support in her defense. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, according to the U.S. District Judge’s assessments, the lawyer will need three to four months of therapy to regain her competency.

Furthermore, Kelley’s lawyers withheld information on her illness, and Aldredge’s office declined to comment on her behalf.

Moreover, it looks like they are keeping her medical report confidential, so there are no intrusions regarding the case.

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Where is Kellye Sorelle Now?

People have been interested in knowing where the general counsel for OathKeepers is currently.

However, as mentioned before, Kelley’s lawyers have not given much insight on her health, where she is currently getting treatment.


 Kellye Sorelle now
Kellye Sorelle is currently receiving treatment for her mental health. (Source: NBC News)

Indeed, she is currently getting treatment with the best facilities to get better and continue her trial.

According to The Washington Post, while both parties looked for an inpatient institution where she might be detained for months to evaluate whether competency could be restored, U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered the defendant to start treatment close to Junction, Texas, where she resides.

Moreover, we can estimate that Sorelle’s health condition is critical, and she has been getting treatment at her residence.

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