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Tennis Is Karen Khachanov Jewish Or Muslim? Religion And Ethnicity

Karen Khachanov Jewish or Muslim, has been the most confusing topic to fans. However, It is known that the tennis player has Armenian roots. 

Born on May 21, 1996, Karen Khachanov is a highly accomplished Russian professional tennis player.

With an impressive career, he has significantly impacted the tennis world.

Khachanov has secured four ATP Tour singles titles, including a prestigious Masters 1000 at the 2018 Paris Masters.

Notably, he also earned an Olympic silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, showcasing his skill and competitiveness on a global stage.

Furthermore, Khachanov has reached the semifinals of two major tournaments: the 2022 US Open and the 2023 Australian Open.

In addition to his singles success, Khachanov has demonstrated versatility in doubles play. He has won a doubles title, precisely a Masters 1000 title at the 2023 Madrid Open, where he partnered with Andrey Rublev.

Throughout his career, Khachanov has climbed the rankings and achieved his highest singles ranking of world No. 8 on July 15, 2019.

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Is Karen Khachanov Jewish Or Muslim? Religion

Karen Khachanov’s religion is not officially stated, but according to some sources, he might be Jewish.

While his father is Armenian, and his mother is Russian, Armenians are often associated with the Armenian Apostolic Church, which is Christian.

However, there is no information if Karen’s father follows that religion.

Karen Khachanov Jewish
Karen Khachanov is a champ! (Source: Instagram

Karen doesn’t talk much about his religious beliefs, but he does share his values and thoughts on social media.

Regardless of his religion, Karen is proud of his mixed heritage and stays connected to his Armenian roots.

He is known for being humble and down-to-earth. Karen is a good tennis player who has achieved much in his career.

Karen Khachanov Family And Ethnicity 

Karen Khachanov was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. His father, Abgar, hails from Yerevan, Armenia, and had a background in volleyball before pursuing a career in medicine.

Meanwhile, Karen’s mother, Nataliya, is Russian and studied medicine.

Karen’s ethnic heritage is a blend of Armenian and Russian.

Interestingly, his maternal grandfather is half-Armenian, further connecting him to his Armenian roots.

Karen Khachanov mom
Karen Khachanov With His Mother Nataliya.(Source: Twitter)

Despite being born in Russia, Karen proudly acknowledges his Armenian ancestry, often expressing his appreciation for his heritage on social media.

In a tweet, he stated, “I always say that I have Armenian roots.”

Karen Khachanov’s family is very supportive of him and is proud of his achievements. 

Meet Karen Khachanov Sibling 

The Russian tennis star Karen Khachanov has two siblings. He has a sister and a brother who has been part of his life since childhood.

Karen Khachanov shares a close bond with his two siblings, Georgiy and Margarita.

While Karen has gained fame as a tennis player, his siblings lead relatively private lives away from the spotlight. 

As a result, limited information about them is available.

Karen Khachanov Sibling
Karen Khachanov With His  Sibling sister, (Source: Instagram

Despite the lack of public attention, we can say that Karen’s brother and sister are proud of his achievements and offer unwavering support.

Additionally, it is known that Karen Khachanov has a sister-in-law, making fellow tennis player Ilya Ivashka his brother-in-law. This connection is formed through their wives, who are twin sisters.

After all, His siblings play an essential role in his life. They are his support system.

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