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Junya Watanabe is a Japanese fashion designer who ripe apart and reconstructs fashion with intensive intellect. To be precise, he uses the word ‘monozukuri‘ more often when discussing his work. He tries to reflect Japanese culture and tradition in his work.

Junya Watanabe net worth
The talented fashion designer Junya Watanabe

So today, we are going to talk about this talented designer who has been bringing a storm in the fashion industry with his work. This article will include his age, height, career, net worth. We will put more emphasis on his craftmanship. But at first, Let’s know this persona better through quick facts;

Junya Watanabe Short Bio

This fantastic fashion designer was born in the beautiful place of Fukushima, Japan. Being born in a Japanese tradition and culture, he was interested in artwork. However, there is nothing in particular that motivated me to start a fashion and create clothes for Junya. But if he were to mention something, then Watanabe would definitely give some credits to her mother, who used to have a little made-to-order shop.

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There is no denying that it influenced this fashion designer a bit. Sadly this versatile designer has not shared his mother’s name and whereabouts. Similar is the case with his siblings. Even more, when asked about his father, Junya politely rebuffs. The reason is still unknown. Moreover, Junya is Japanese by nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity.

How Old Is Junya Watanabe?- Age, Height

Junya was born in the year 1961 and is around 58-59 years old. Most of these fashion designers’ work is behind the curtain. He hardly makes an appearance in the media. Some might not even know how this talented persona even looks in real.

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Due to so much privacy, fans of Watanabe are only familiar with his work. But when it comes to his birth date, height, or even age, nobody knows it well. It is very tough to assume his height, age, and more in a time like this. We will update the data as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned!


This famous fashion designer made his debut show at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Station. Similarly, in 1993 he presented his first women’s wear show in Paris. Despite the fact that he is so private, his name is on the label, and it’s his imagination and dream that has made this label so notable in global fashion.

Junya Watanabe nationality
Source: Instagram

Watanabe likes to experiment endlessly with his creation so that he can create something fresh. His collection has a rare, unique attribute that is attractive. Also, Junya knows how to transform what he calls ‘dumb’ clothes(trench coats, white shirts, biker jackets) into something trendy and fashionable.

Junya Watanabe Childhood and Education

Previously Watanabe went to Rei Kawakubo‘s Comme des Garcons in 1984. There he garnered a lot of knowledge as a pattern cutter. Later, Junya enrolled at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Working under the supervision of Rei helped this designer to widen his horizon about fashion.

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As Junya’s work is mostly behind the camera, he hardly makes an appearance to the media. As a result, he has not shared much about his childhood. But by the looks of it, we sure can tell that his basic needs were easily fulfilled.

Who Is the Wife Of Junya Watanabe?

There is no doubt that Junya is blessed with talent, creativity, and versatility. That is all thanks to his hard work, passion, and determination. In his young days, Junya was married to an unknown woman. There is no valid information regarding the date, location of their marriage. Due to some reason, he did not disclose the name of the love of his life.

Junya Watanabe age
Some of Junya Watanabe collection

Unfortunately, the lovey-dovey couple decided to separate from each other, and they broke up. The reason to take such a step in his life is still in the dark. After this, Junya has not been linked to any other woman in the industry. As a result, this handsome man is still single in his 60s. Moreover, there is no information about the kids of Watanabe.

What Is The Net Worth of Junya Watanabe?

This Japanese fashion designer makes a lot of money from his work. Every year, he launches his collection in New York, Paris or Milan. All also admire his creation. In 2020, Junya stood on an estimated net worth of $500,000. He makes extra money by selling apparel, shoes, and many more.

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