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Jules Hudson Illness And Health Update 2023: Is He Sick/Ill With Disease?

Get the latest on Escape to the Country Presenter, Jules Hudson illness, and health updates as the TV presenter continues to thrive and enjoy a healthy life.

Jules Hudson is a prominent English archaeologist, television producer, and presenter renowned for his work on popular BBC shows like Escape to the Country and Countryfile.

With a diverse background, Jules initially pursued a career as an army officer before venturing into television production in 1996, specializing in historical programs.

 Jules Hudson’s involvement with the Army Reserve further showcases his dedication and commitment to service.

As of June 2022, he was assigned to the esteemed 77 Brigade, a combined Regular and Reserve unit, highlighting his ongoing involvement in military and broadcasting spheres.

Jules continues to captivate audiences with his expertise and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on television and archaeology.

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Jules Hudson Illness: Is He Sick/Ill With Disease?

No information or reports suggest that Jules Hudson is currently dealing with any illness or disease.

As of 2023, he is leading a happy and healthy life with no indications of being sick.

Jules is actively involved in his career as an archaeologist, television producer, and presenter, notably known for appearing on shows like Escape to the Country and Countryfile.

Jules Hudson illness 1
Jules lives in Herefordshire with Tania and Jack and the family’s two Labradors, Teddy and Iolo. (Image Source: The US Sun)

In terms of his personal life, Jules and his wife, Tania, have a son named Jack, who turned six years old in January 2022.

While Jules may not be appearing on Summer On The Farm at the moment, it is reported that he is enjoying a vacation with his family, cherishing valuable time together.

Overall, Jules Hudson remains in good health and contributes to television and archaeology.

Jules Hudson Health Update 2023

As of 2023, Jules Hudson is in good health and enjoying life with his partner, Tania Fitzgerald, and their son, Jack.

There have been no reports of any illnesses or health issues concerning Jules.

The family resides in Hertfordshire and shares their home with two Labradors named Teddy and Iolo.

Jules Hudson illness 2
The Escape to the Country presenter shows us around his Herefordshire home. (Image Source: The Times)

While Jules is not particularly active on social media when sharing family photos, he has occasionally posted pictures of his adorable son Jack as he grows up.

In one post from 2017, Jules expressed his gratitude for the birthday wishes received for Jack’s second birthday.

With no health concerns to report, Jules Hudson continues to thrive personally and professionally as a television personality.

Where is Jules Hudson Now?

Jules Hudson resides in Herefordshire, England, along with his wife Tania, their son Jack, and their two Labradors, Teddy and Lolo.

The couple decided to move to the countryside after finding London too claustrophobic.

In a 2020 interview with The Times, Jules expressed his appreciation for the city’s energy but stated his need for green fields and space.

Jules Hudson illness 3
Before moving to the countryside, Jules and Tania lived closer to London for Tania’s work. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

They searched for a property that met their criteria, including ample space and outbuildings.

Ultimately, they found their ideal home in Herefordshire, where they could enjoy the countryside and have a plot of land.

Jules continues to be active in his career, contributing to publications like Countryfile Magazine, Homes & Gardens magazine, and BBC Radio Wales and authoring the book “Walled Gardens.”

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