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Youtuber Jeff Wittek Accident Video 2023 And Eye Injury Update Where Is He Now?

Youtuber Jeff Wittek Accident video has been trending as his eye was injured. Read about what happened to the Youtuber.

Wittek was raised in Staten Island, New York, and attended Susan E. Wagner High School there.

He was raised in an undesirable area and acquired money as a young adult by selling drugs and working at neighborhood barbershops.

He carried on selling drugs after moving to Miami, Florida and was eventually detained in 2011 for illicit drug trafficking as well as possession of cocaine, marijuana, and a prohibited substance.

Jeff traveled to Los Angeles after the charges were dropped due to the lack of a search warrant to buy marijuana in large quantities and ship it back to New York City.

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Youtuber Jeff Wittek Accident Video 2023: What Happened To Him?

On April 21, 2021, Jeff published a video in his series, “How I Broke My Face.” When the virus put everyone in quarantine, including David, he asserts that the Vlog Squad tried to resume recording by pulling off stunts.

The Vlog Squad member Jason Nash is heard saying in a clip that although he didn’t enjoy shooting these movies due to their danger, the audience loved viewing them.

The Vlog Squad jumps out of a plane for the first time in the video’s opening scene, discussing their fear and excitement.

Jeff Wittek Accident
Jeff Wittek Accident shocked his fans. (Source- YouTube )

When they reach the 8:30 mark, Jeff’s accident occurs. David describes how they are digging amid a lake using an excavator.

They were supposed to hang onto an inflatable raft as the machine swung them around in a circle.

On June 25, 2020, the content producer hinted in an Instagram post that he had grown a mullet.

He promised to showcase the new hairdo on the app to his 3.1 million followers. Then on June 30, he explained why he had been unable to post pictures of his hair due to a severe accident.

Youtuber Jeff Wittek Eye Injury Update

The two Vlog Squad members disagreed after Wittek suffered severe eye and face injuries while filming a stunt for Dobrik’s YouTube channel.

After speaking with one of his doctors, Jeff decides to examine himself. He finds he cannot move or see through it when he tries to pry open his eye.

Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek after his eye surgery. (Source- GH )

Jeff begins to cry and sob while others attempt to console him, criticizing himself and attempting to maintain composure.

During the initial surgery, they tore a tendon in his eye, which hurt him more than he anticipated. Jeff once said-

“I might lose my eye.”

He struggled to remain relatively optimistic after the surgery but tried his best. His eye started to heal as he underwent various tests to determine how the accident had affected his brain. After some time, Jeff’s eye recovered, and he could see again.

Where Is Youtuber Jeff Wittek Now?

Former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek has begun documenting his recovery from a terrible experience following a stunt in which he allegedly fractured his face and skull.

Jeff Wittek wanted to show his recovery and how this experience had affected him since he was concerned about suffering permanent brain damage.

Dr. Daniel Amen has been by Jeff Wittek’s side as he recovers, assuring him that he will become healthy if he cooperates.

After several months, he devised the most effective way to end the terrible experience he had undergone.

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