Jana Crämer Alter

Jana Crämer Alter And Wikipedia Age Origin Bio And Family Nationality

Popular blogger and TikToker Jana Cramer have been a motivation to many people. Discover the facts about Jana Crämer Alter.

Jana Crämer is a renowned influencer and has become a motivation to countless others to lose weight through her personal experience.

She inspires others who want to be in shape and live healthier lives. Her adventure began in 2018 when Jana decided to improve her life.

Crämer decided to take charge of her health and began exercising frequently and eating better. Over the years, she has shed more than 130 pounds and completely changed her physique and lifestyle.

Jana Crämer is passionate about discussing her eating issue in her books, blog, and podcast. For her dedication, she received the Signs Award in 2018. Continue reading to find out more about Jana Crämer Alter.

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Jana Crämer Alter: How Old Is She?

Jana Crämer is currently 42 years old.

Born on June 13, 1982, in the Ruhr region, Germany. Jana Crämer later lived in Berlin before settling in Haltern am See.

She weighed 180 kilograms a few years ago before losing 100 kg and regaining control of her life.

In an interview with WunderWeib, upon asking about her journey and diet, she said, “Every diet only worked up to a certain point until I relapsed.

What helped me are the conversations with my best friend.”

Jana Crämer Alter
Jana and Bato are deeply in love and often share their love life through their podcast. (Source: Instagram)

“The more we talked and the more I could change my point of view, the less binge eating became. Since 2017 I have also been doing therapy and have a nutritionist.”

“I eat everything in moderation and count calories. Since my stomach is enormous due to the food flashes, I tend to eat a lot, but with a lower calorie density, especially many fruits and vegetables.

I also go running for an hour every day. Now I don’t lose weight as quickly, but it’s also healthier.”

Jana Crämer Wikipedia Bio

Jana Crämer went from being a victim of harassment to becoming a motivator.

She had a severe eating disorder, weighed approximately 180 kg, and had experienced mobbing for years.

Today, Jana has shed 100 kilograms and has approximately 606 Thousand followers and 41.7 Million likes on TikTok, a prevalent Instagram account, a YouTube channel, a blog (Endlich-ich.com), a regular podcast (Schweigen ändert nichts)

Batomae & Jana Crämer is the name of their YouTube channel. (Source: YouTube)

Jana Crämer is regarded as one of the most genuine campaigners for body acceptance who is not afraid to challenge taboos.

She received the SignsAward18, the Oscar of the communication sector, for her bravery. The frank style and genuineness of Jana Crämer’s stories make them stand out. 

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Jana Crämer Family

Jana was born into a well-settled family in Germany. However, their parents don’t live with her now.

Although her mom is seen frequently in her Instagram posts, her name is not disclosed, and her father is not even seen on her social media.

Jana Crämer’s mother has greatly supported her weight loss journey. (Source: Instagram)

She lives in Haltern with her life and podcast partner, Bato Mae. He is a songwriter and Künstler. The two live together with a canine friend named Socke. 

The duo runs a podcast channel where they talk about life and Jana’s journey. Mae supports everything Jana has ever been involved in.

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