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James Malatesta is a promising and talented Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada athlete. James was born in 2003 and made waves in hockey at a young age.

With a strong passion for the sport, he has dedicated himself to honing his skills and achieving success on the ice.

Malatesta began his hockey journey with the Lac St-Louis Lions Nord in 2014, marking the start of his impressive career.

 James possesses a formidable physical presence on the ice.

As a member of the Quebec Remparts in the QMJHL 2020-21 season, he continues to demonstrate his prowess as a central midfield player and occasional forward.

With his remarkable talent and determination, James Malatesta is poised to make a significant impact in hockey and is a name to watch out for in the coming years.

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Quebec Remparts James Malatesta Wiki and Age

James Malatesta, born on May 31, 2003 (age 21), in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada, is a skilled hockey player representing the Quebec Remparts.

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 81 kilograms, Malatesta possesses an impressive physique.

He began his hockey journey in the Lakeshore MHA team, where he experienced success and contributed to the team’s triumphs over four seasons.

James Malatesta Wiki age
 Talented Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada athlete James Malatesta. (Image Source: Instagram)

As a versatile player, Malatesta primarily plays as a center but can also assume a forward role. Displaying his scoring prowess, he shoots with his left hand.

With his talent captivating hockey enthusiasts, Malatesta has become eligible for the NHL Entry Draft for the 2021-22 season.

Please watch this young player closely as he makes waves in hockey, donning the Quebec Remparts jersey.

James Malatesta Parents And Siblings

Unfortunately, limited information about James Malatesta’s parents and siblings is available.

The athlete maintains a private life and has not publicly disclosed much information about his family.

As a result, details about his parents’ names, occupations, and any siblings he may have are currently unknown.

Malatesta focuses more on his hockey career than sharing personal details about his family background.

James Malatesta parents
James Malatesta feels honored to sign my first NHL contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets. (Image Source: Instagram)

It is common for athletes to prioritize their privacy, especially when it comes to their loved ones.

Therefore, the details regarding James Malatesta’s parents and siblings remain undisclosed, allowing him to maintain a sense of privacy and focus on his professional pursuits in the sport he excels. 

James Malatesta Net Worth

As of now, James Malatesta’s net worth is not publicly available.

Being a rising player in his field, his financial information, including his net worth, has not been disclosed to the public.

At this stage in his career, Malatesta is focused on honing his skills and achieving success in hockey.

James Malatesta Net Worth
Athlete James Malatesta was enjoying his vacation by the beach in Negril, Jamaica. (Image Source: Instagram)

As a professional athlete, his primary income source is his hockey career, including his contracts, endorsements, and other related earnings.

However, his income and financial status details have not been made public.

As he progresses in his career and makes a name for himself in hockey, his net worth is expected to increase over time.

Nonetheless, the exact figures and details of James Malatesta’s net worth and income remain undisclosed.

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