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The fashion industry has been some sort of biased when it comes to a variety of people. There are plus-size models like Iskra Lawrence, Alexina Graham, who worked hard to where they are now. Similarly, they are the reputable personality in the fashion industry who not only changed their mindset, but they look toward how they saw a model.

Iskra Lawrence height
Iskra Lawrence is 5 feet 9 inches tall

It is pretty commendable how they gracefully put themself together to present in the world. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the famous model Iskra Lawrence. This beauty is blessed with blonde hair, a heartwarming smile, and a slight touch ot naughtiness. Without further ado let’s get started with this article with some quick facts;

Parents and Siblings

This hottie grew up in the famous place of Wolverhampton, England. Hence Iskra is a British model who belongs to white ethnicity. Her father’s name is Doug Lawrence, while the name of her mother is still in the dark. Similarly, there is no valid information about her siblings.

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It appears that when it comes to her family, there is only a handful of information available in the media. We believe that it is all because of privacy and to be not the safe side of the negative impact of media. However, we do know that her parents were always motivating her no matter what.

How Old Is Iskra Lawrence?- Age, Height and Body Measurement

This beautiful model was born in the year of 1990 on the 11th day of September. Therefore Iskra is 30 years old in 2020 and falls under the sun sign of Virgo. People of this star sign are considered to be hardworking, talented, and have a high tolerance level.

Being a plus-size model, this diva weighs about 88 kg. Many of you might be thinking that being plus sie, she might not be conscious about her body and got to the gym, but she does. To be clear, going to the gym does not mean that you visit there to have a smaller body, their main motive can be to be healthy.

Iskra Lawrence age
Iskra Lawrence is 30 years old

That being said, Iskra visits the gym quite often. She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Now that is one special feature about her except her looks. As most of her work includes appearing in front of the camera, Lawrence likes to be presentable and look flawless.

Her vital statistics measures about 38-29-43 inches. Her white skin tone makes her look appealable, and she prefers a shoe size of 9. Overall this blonde bombshell is blessed to have a pair of blue eyes that resemble a deep ocean.

Childhood and Education

There is no denying that Lawrence’s parents tried his best to bring out the best version of herself to show her talent in the mass. That might be the reason why she was able to accomplish so much at such an early age. She spent most o her childhood in her hometown and migrated to different places for opportunities.

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Talking about education, Iskra has been to Malvern St James school, which allows only girls to attend the school. Later she enrolled in Bromsgrove school. During her school time, this model was an avid swimmer and made it to the nationals when she was just 15 years old.

However, it was not a swimmer that Iskra wanted to be. There is no doubt that she wanted to be famous but not as a swimmer. To learn acting, she enrolled in the National Youth Theatre. Eventually model caught up her attention.

Professional Career

As mentioned above, this talented model signed a contact with Elle at an early age of 13. She was more than happy to receive such a big project at the start of her career. By 16, she was gaining some weight on her hips, waist, thigh, and more. Moreover, she was suffering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

This had a massive breakdown in her career as a model before it became big. Luckily Iskra was not the one to cry in a corner and regret it al her life. Soon American Eagle Outfitters encountered her in 2017 she became a top model for the company.

Unlike other models, Lawrence has changed the very definition of beauty. There is no doubt that she has been inspiring young women like her to move forward and follow their dreams. Since then, she has been working for L’Oreal Paris.

Her talent, hard work, and dedication fascinated NEDA, and eventually, she represented the brand. Not only that, but Iskra is also a brand ambassador of NEDA. Currently, this British model has appeared in the cover magazine of Hello!, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Look Magazine, Self, Arcadia, to name some.

Iskra Lawrence magazine
Iskra Lawrence appeared on the cover of Hello! Fashion

Because of her outstanding work in the fashion industry, Iskra was recognized and admired by all. But no matter what you do, there are some people who are not impressed or let’s say envious by your profession. The same thing happened to this hottie, and she received several negative comments.

On the other hand, in 2016, this 30 years old model became BBC’s World 100 Women. Similarly, after a year, she was successful in becoming a part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. In addition to this, Iskra is also one of the Maxim Hot 100. Moreover, in 2019 Forbes listed her among Forbes 30 under 30 for Europe.

Other Works

Apart from modeling, Iskra is a very genuine personality who has a soft corner for her lovers and the haters too. There are plenty of people who bad mouth her, body shames her. In contrast to what they do behind her back, Lawrence comes out on the public and slams them with her piercing words.

In 2017, she appeared in the Straight Curve documentary, which focused on body image and challenges put out by the standards of beauty. Even more, this 30 years old model was at TEDXuniveristy Nevada, presenting Ending the Pursuit of Perfection.

Moreover, Lawrence runs an online magazine named Runway Riot, which is established with the main motive to protect the image of ladies. Not only that, but she also wants to boycott the stereotypes that have been passed down from the generation in the fashion industry. Overall, Iskra just wants fellow women to feel confident no matter which body shape they come in.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Iskra Lawrence? Is She Married?

Well, as expected from this model, Iskra is very quiet when it comes to love life, just like when it came to her parents. The reason why she does not want her fan to know about her personal life is understandable. But the media does not leave her a bit and follows her everywhere.

In 2017 it was reported that this 5 feet 9 inches tall model was spending time with Andre Wisdom. He is a former Liverpool football player who now represents Derby County. Recently he was stabbed in his buttock and was robbed when he was visiting his family. Rest assured, the injuries were not life-threatening.

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Coming back to the topic, things were not that smooth in their relationship. As there is a trend in the entertainment business where celebrities get married and divorce, this couple separated way before walking down the aisle. Unsurprisingly in 2019, Iskra was spotted with another time.

This time Lawrence dated handsome Philip Wayne, who is active as a songwriter. The duo was discovered several times, walking hand in hand to dance places. As a matter of fact, the lovey-dovey couple has a child. The baby was welcomed to this world on the 16th day of April 2020.

Iskra Lawrence boyfriend
Iskra Lawrence with her boyfriend Philip Wayne and son

Hence the baby is very fragile at the moment, and Iskra is enjoying every bit of her motherhood. Despite all this, the duo has not yet decided to share any rings or vows. As the baby is welcomed, we hope that the other good news is just around the corner.

What Is The Net Worth of Iskra Lawrence?

Undoubtedly this hot model makes a hefty amount of money from her carer as a model and influencer. Her earning is counted in millions, and 2020 Iskra has an impressive net worth of $2 million. Now that is one hell of net worth to have.

Iskra Lawrence net worth
Iskra Lawrence sits on the net worth of $2 million

This is all thanks to the time and sweat spent in photoshoots, ad campaigns, brand endorsement, and other ventures. Even more, this star makes extra money from her Instagram accounts. It appears that every post she updates in her account provides her with some bucks.

The mother of one is busy showing her kid to the world. She cannot wait to see how great impacts her son will have on this world. Unfortunately, there is no proper information about her salary, cars, and mansions. We will update it as soon as something pops on the internet.

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 4.6m followers

Twitter– 318k followers

Youtube– 200k subscribers

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