Jessica Mutch Mckay Pregnant

Is Jessica Mutch Mckay Pregnant In 2023 With Her Partner Iain McKay?

There is no news about Jessica Mutch Mckay Pregnant In 2023, but she and her partner Iain Mckay did welcome their first child in 2019.

Many can be familiar with Jessica Mutch McKay as she is a well-known journalist from New Zealand.

She is a Political Editor and a Journalist for the 1 News and Television New Zealand (TVNZ).

Jessica has covered critical political events, elections, and policy changes throughout her career, delivering intelligent analysis and reporting to the New Zealand public.

Her extensive awareness of political matters and ability to communicate complex problems straightforwardly and compellingly have earned her the confidence of many.

Jessica Mutch McKay’s work frequently involves interviews with politicians and other influential persons to gain critical insights.

Her interviews are noted for their thoroughness and ability to get the most important aspects of a tale.

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Is Jessica Mutch Mckay Pregnant In 2023?

Jessica Mutch Mckay and her bodyguard husband, Iain McKay, had a baby on 31 October 2019.

There hasn’t been any news of her being pregnant in 2023 whatsoever, as she is mostly busy with her precious job as a journalist.

Jessica Mutch Mckay Pregnant
Jessica Mutch Mckay with her daughter (Source: Instagram)

Mutch’s colleague Matty McLean officiated at the wedding, which took place at Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island.

Jessica worked throughout her pregnancy until she was 38 weeks pregnant.

“A part of me wanted to be that heavily pregnant and on TV, just doing a job.” “I wanted to prove a point,” she explained in an interview with NowToLove.

She claims to make working while pregnant a “thing” that is not tolerated.

This shows her strong work ethic and her passion for reporting.

Jessica Mutch Mckay Husband Iain McKay

Jessica Mutch, the political editor for TVNZ, married her bodyguard fiance Iain McKay at Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island.

The couple married in front of friends and family at the picturesque wedding site, with Mutch’s colleague Matty McLean officiating.

The diplomatic security officer rose to prominence as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s “hot hipster-bearded bodyguard” last year.

Jessica Mutch Mckay Pregnant
Jessica Mutch Mckay with her husband, Iain McKay (Source: Instagram)

Twitter users dub McKay a “hipster spook” after he was photographed shielding Ardern at Labour’s Campaign kickoff at Auckland Town Hall.

McKay, 31, proposed to Mutch, 33, shortly before Christmas last year at Auckland’s upscale The Sugar Club restaurant.

The couple has been dating since 2015. McKay traveled to Paris to visit Mutch, who was TVNZ’s Europe correspondent then, after communicating online for several months.

Mutch returned to New Zealand shortly after her abroad assignment finished.

They seem to be happy and comfy with each other, as Jessica has been praised for her professionalism, ethics, and commitment to journalism.

She has garnered the respect of her colleagues and the general public for her fair and impartial approach to political reporting.

Jessica Mutch Mckay Children

Jessica Mutch Mckay and Iain McKay welcomed their baby girl on Thursday.

They named their daughter Margaux Mckay, and Jessica shared a photo with her daughter on her Instagram.

Jessica Mutch-McKay, a TVNZ political editor and first-time mother, wasn’t concerned about the inevitable restless nights of having a newborn.

She was used to living on a few hours of sleep after years on the political beat, and she was quietly confident that her fast-paced media career had prepared her well for the tiredness that lay ahead.

Nothing could have prepared her for the first few weeks of motherhood when night and day blurred into one as she and Iain came to know their daughter Margaux.

According to her adoptive parents, Margaux is a laid-back, cheerful child. She has just started smiling at nine weeks old and is the delight of her adoring parents.

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