Hilarion Heagy Age

Hilarion Heagy Age: How Old Is He? Family Tree And Ethnicity

Curious about Hilarion Heagy Age? Wonder no more! In this article, we’ll reveal the age of the prominent Eastern Christian Priest who recently made headlines for his conversion to Islam. So, grab a seat and get ready to learn more about this intriguing figure’s age!

Former California-based Eastern Christian Priest, Hilarion Heagy, has converted to Islam and changed his name to Said Abdul Latif. He claims his inclination towards Islam occurred 20 years ago, but he recently officially converted.

Heagy said his conversion is like a “reversion to Islam” and quotes the Quran to justify his stance.

Heagy had previously been a Russian Orthodox Monk before converting to the Antiochian Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Church, and becoming a Byzantine Catholic priest-monk.

Since announcing his conversion to Islam, he has received warm messages from the Muslim community.

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Hilarion Heagy Age: How Old Is He?

Unfortunately, not much concrete information is available regarding Hilarion Heagy’s age. Based on the limited information, he appears to be in his 40s or 50s, but there is no definitive answer.

Father Hilarion Heagy changed his name to Said Abdul Latif after converting to Islam. He claims to have been drawn to the religion almost 20 years ago but took time to acknowledge his conversion publicly.

He stated that one could not be a priest or monk publicly and a Muslim privately, and he had a primordial faith in the religion.

This religious man explained his decision to convert to Islam with a quote from the Quran and said that since becoming a Muslim, he had experienced calm, joy, and comfort that had finally led him home.

Despite the lack of specific details about his age, Father Hilarion Heagy’s story is an interesting one of spiritual exploration and transformation.

The Family Tree Of Hilarion

Hilarion Heagy, a prominent US-based Catholic priest, recently converted to Islam, sparking controversy within the Catholic and Islamic communities.

He had been exploring various spiritual beliefs throughout his life, including Buddhism and Sufism, before becoming interested in Islam after 9/11.


Hilarion Heagy Age
Picture of Hilarion before converting to Islam, giving an interview in the church. (Source: Right Rasta)

Hilarion shared his blog, “Said Abdul Latif, ” sharing his journey to Islam,” explaining his strong connection to the religion and his decision to convert.

His decision received mixed reactions from both faiths, with Muslims welcoming him and some Christians expressing concerns about his choice.

However, respecting his decision and allowing him the freedom to pursue his spiritual journey is important.

No information about Hilarion Heagy’s family is available, and it is important not to make assumptions about his personal life without evidence.

Hilarion Heagy: Ethnicity

The information available online does not provide enough details to determine the ethnicity of Hilarion Heagy. Further information or clarification is needed to identify his ethnicity.

His previous religious affiliations as a Russian Orthodox monk and later as a priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Church and Eastern Catholic Church suggest a connection to Eastern European or Middle Eastern heritage.

However, his recent conversion to Islam and the adoption of Said Abdul Latif do not provide any further clues to his ethnicity.

Hilarion Heagy Age
Before and After picture of Hilarion converting to Islam. (Source: InTipseleb)

It is important to note that ethnicity and religion are different, and one’s religious beliefs or practices do not necessarily determine their ethnicity.

Therefore, assumptions about his ethnicity would be inappropriate without additional information about Hilarion Heagy’s family background or personal history.


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