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Héctor Vidal Rivas Wikipedia And Edad- Biografía And Family

Many people search for Héctor Vidal Rivas on Wikipedia and edad since the former model, runway producer, and designer shares an exceptional professional career. Hence, via this article, let’s get to know more about him. 

Hector Vidal Rivas is the director at Vidal Rivas Producciones. He has been serving as the director since March 1990, and it’s been over three decades since he has been involved with the production.

Rivas is also a former model, runway producer, and designer who does everything with love and passion. He initially began working as a model but quickly discovered that his niche was in production.

Then, in 1969, he took a fashion and art course at the École Supérieure des Arts Et Técnicas de La Mode (ESMOD) in Paris.

Later, when color television came out, he took another course to help him adjust to the new medium. Rivas started creating shows that were “really unusual for the period” in the early 1970s.

Since many people want to learn more about the fashion director, we present this short article covering all the essential details regarding Hector Vidal Rivas. 

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Héctor Vidal Rivas Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Former Model?

Since many people are searching for Hector Vidal Rivas’ Wikipedia and edad, we have you covered.

The fashion director doesn’t have an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Although the former model doesn’t have his Wikipedia page, there is another person named Hector Rivas whose Wikipedia page is available to view.

Well, Hector, with the Wikipedia page is a Venezuelan footballer who played for the Venezuelan national football team in 19 matches from 1987 to 1995.

Héctor Vidal Rivas Wikipedia
Héctor Vidal Rivas looks good in the black outfit. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Hector is the youngest of three siblings and was born and raised in the heart of the San Telmo neighborhood.

Talking about his age, the former model has chosen not to disclose his age. However, he mentioned that he had a beautiful childhood, but his father was absent while growing up. 

Furthermore, Hector is also recognized as Argentine actress Mirtha Legrand’s close and personal friend.

The acting personality Mirtha shares an impressive and thriving career of over 80 years, and she is one of the most celebrated entertainment figures in Argentina.

Likewise, during an interview, jokingly, the fashion director mentioned that, although he won’t disclose his age, he is younger than actress Mirtha. 

Hector Vidal Rivas Biografía And Family

Héctor, a renowned producer for several fashion shows and historical image advisor to renowned actress Mirtha Legrand for 45 years, has a very low-key and private personal life. 

Additionally, very few media has covered his personal life. As a result, it is hard to trace the information regarding Hector Vidal Rivas’ parents. 

Well, it’s a personal choice for the former model to conceal his family background and other details. However, he mentioned that he grew up alongside two siblings and that his dad wasn’t present during his youth.

Héctor Vidal Rivas Wikipedia
Héctor Vidal Rivas with his daughter and niece. (Source: Instagram)

The personal friend and designer to actress Mirtha share a booming professional career, nevertheless.

He has worked in the costume department as a costume supervisor in several TV series such as Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand, El amor tiene cara de mujer, Apasionada, Esos que dicen amarse, Antonella, and Celeste, to name a few.

Rivas has also been the director (realisation) for several TV specials.

Hopefully, alongside his professional endeavors, we will also hear more about the former model’s personal life in the coming days.

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