Harrison Payne Car Accident

Harrison Payne Car Accident Linked To Death Cause And Obituary

Following Lynden Joshua Roby’s 4WD roll on Bribie Island last May, Harrison Payne perished in a terrible accident. Learn more about Harrison Payne Car Accident. 

A youngster who died after being thrown from a speeding vehicle on a Queensland beach was recalled as “genuinely one of the easiest blokes to get along with.”

On Sunday, Harrison Payne, 18, was killed in a car accident on Bribie Island’s Ocean Beach.

As Roby was sentenced, his parents, brother Noah, sister Emily, and dozens of people who had called him a good friend and confidant crowded Brisbane District Court.

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Harrison Payne Car Accident Linked To Death

Harrison “Harry” Payne was killed in Roby’s dual cab HiLux utility vehicle on Bribie Island’s Woorim Beach on May 30 of last year when Roby was operating the vehicle.

Numerous witnesses previously observed Roby driving on the beach with a 50 km/h speed limit at speeds as high as 90 km/h.

He was riding in a four-wheel-drive that was being driven by another 18-year-old when the driver “lost control,” and the vehicle rolled, according to the police.

On Sunday afternoon, when many people were at the beach, Roby was also observed racing other cars, fishtailing, performing donuts, “power slides,” and performing burnouts.

Harrison Payne car accident
The 18-year-old driver was flown to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  (Source- ABC

He made another fishtail effort after almost hitting another car, but this time he caught his back tires in the sand and rolled his utility.

When the car rolled, Harry was partially removed from it and suffered “catastrophic” head injuries before being thrown 10 meters away and being instantaneously murdered.

Harrison Payne Obituary

As the family made light of the pants he was sporting to a friend’s party, Ms. Payne described the last minutes she spent with her kid as “beautiful.”

Tragically, her son would be cremated while wearing these pants, which she had purchased with a birthday voucher weeks earlier.

“The thought of my baby boy, alone alone, still breaks my heart,” Ms. Payne added.

I wanted to keep him warm, hold his hand, and be at his side. We lost a loving son who always found the good in every situation.

After being flung from the vehicle, Payne died at the scene. “You will be missed by many,” a buddy wrote on Facebook. “Genuinely one of the easiest blokes to get along with.”

Heartbroken Dad Reveals Final Text To Son

Numerous members of Harry’s family, friends, and coworkers showed up for the sentencing session, so many others watched through a video link from a different courthouse.

Victim impact statements were delivered in court by Harry’s parents, two siblings, and partners, who said that his future life milestones had been taken away and that theirs would be “tainted” by his absence for the rest of their lives.

Roby’s crime was “a disgrace, unacceptable, dangerous, and entirely avoidable,” according to Harry Payne’s father, Kent Payne, who displayed no remorse.

Harrison Payne car accident
Harrison Payne reveals his final test to his beloved son.  (Source- news.com

“Harry was snatched from us, and our hearts are devastated; we will never heal. It is a life sentence, according to Mr. Payne. I won’t ever pardon you for your actions.

Furthermore, his kid received a text message from him that afternoon: “Be safe, mate. I cherish you.

Kylie, Harry’s mother, recalled having to identify her son’s body at the morgue and longing to embrace and comfort him. Hopefully, this sentence will deter others from acting similarly in the future, but it won’t bring Harry back.

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