Swan et Neo Parents

Who Are Greg And Sophie Fantasy? Swan et Neo Parents, Siblings And Religion

Swan et Neo Parents are Greg and Sophie Fantasy. They are proud of their kids, who have become popular through their youtube channel Swan The Voice – Neo & Swan. 

Swan and Neo is a popular video channel on YouTube, hosted by two brothers, Swan and Neo, and filmed mostly by their mother Sophie.

The channel has gained a large following of over 6.17 million subscribers in France, particularly among children.

The videos, which are released on a regular basis, mostly showcase tests and demonstrations of games and products for children, as well as leisure activities such as amusement parks.

The family has created several animals as their mascots, such as a hamster named Nuts, a rabbit called Princess, and a guinea pig named Oreo.

Swan, the younger brother, has his own YouTube channel called Swan The Voice, where he showcases his singing talent.

However, both brothers appear together on their main channel and have become popular influencers, earning income from advertisements on their videos and being paid by companies for product placement.

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Meet Swan et Neo Parents: Who Are Greg And Sophie Fantasy? 

Greg and Sophie are the parents behind the successful YouTube channel “Swan and Neo.”

Greg, also known as Greg Inside, quit his salaried job to run the family channel alongside Sophie, who also has her own channel called “Sophie Fantasy.”

Sophie, whose real name is GaĆ«lle Burlot, has a “girly” and “glittery” universe and often makes couple videos with Greg on her channel.

The couple has two children, Swan and Neo, who are the main stars of the family channel.

Swan et Neo Parents
Swan et Neo With their Parents. (Source: Instagram

The channel’s success has allowed it to become the family’s main source of income.

The income is generated through YouTube ads and product placements shown in the videos.

The family has also created print publications such as magazines, diaries, and books.

However, the family’s success has also been criticized by some internet users who question whether it is ethical for children to have such a significant occupation or work at such a young age.

In March 2023, Sophie and Greg were sentenced to three and a half years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros each for a fraud case related to a former Lyon marriage agency.

Know About The Siblings 

Swan and Neo are two brothers who gained popularity through their YouTube channel, Swan The Voice – Neo & Swan.

Swan was born in 2011, and Neo was born in 2005, making them 11 and 18, respectively.

They are known for their energetic and entertaining videos, mainly featuring them testing and demonstrating toys, games, and activities for children and their daily lives with their families.

Both brothers share a love for gaming, animals, and amusement parks.

Neo has his own YouTube channel, Neo The One, where he focuses on gaming, while Swan’s channel, Swan Gaming, is also dedicated to gaming content.

Swan et Neo
Swan and  Neo! (Source: Instagram

However, Swan’s main channel is still the one that they run together with their family.

Despite their young age, Swan and Neo are hardworking and determined individuals.

They have turned their passion for creating content on YouTube into a successful career and have gained a massive following of loyal fans.

Their playful and entertaining personalities have captured the hearts of many, and they continue to inspire and entertain children worldwide through their videos.

Swan et Neo Religion

According to available information, Swan and Neo’s religion is Christian.

However, there is limited public information about their specific beliefs, practices, and level of religious observance.

It is possible that their family attends church regularly or participates in Christian rituals and traditions, but this information is not readily available.

Swan et Neo
Swan et Neo celebrating Christmas! (Source: Instagram)

Religion can be a sensitive and personal topic, and it is up to individuals and families to decide how much they want to disclose their beliefs and practices publicly.

Regardless of their religious beliefs, Swan and Neo’s videos focus on family-friendly content suitable for children and promote positive values such as kindness, fun, and creativity.

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