Giovanni Ciacci Costume Designer, Relation, Body & Net Worth

Giovanni Ciacci is a fantastic costume designer all the way from Italy. He is a man who is creative, talented, and likes to make weird faces whenever the camera clicks him. The most distinctive feature of this handsome is his colored fresh cut, which is longer than it should be.

Giovanni Ciacci age, height, body
Giovanni Ciacci is 190 cm tall

Today we are going to talk about this handsome in brief. The discussion will include his age, height, body, career, net worth, and the girl he has spent his time with. Without further ado, we would like to talk about his professional and personal life. But let’s get started with some quick facts;

Who Is Giovanni Ciacci?- Parents, Siblings, Childhood, and Education

This talented man was born in the beautiful place of Siena. After some time, he migrated to Rome and spent his childhood there. Being raised in Italy, he was introduced to the different forms of art and culture. Also, the fact that he was able to see and visualize it is pretty amazing.

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Unfortunately, this handsome has yet to reveal some details about his parents. Due to the privacy issue, he has not shared much about himself in the media. Talking about education, most of the data is still in the dark. Moreover, Giovani is an Italian man who comes from Mixed ethnicity.

How Old Is Giovanni Ciacci?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

This one in a million designers was born in the year 1971 in Italy. In 2020 he is 49 years old and falls under the sun sign of Pisces. People of this sign are considered to want to try new things, fun-loving and bubbly in general. To be precise, he celebrates his birthday on the 11th day of March. 

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This designer stands tall at 190 cm and is 85 kg currently. Speaking about his physique, Ciacci is thick-skinned and likes to experiment with his looks more often. During the time of writing, his beard is blue, and that will soon change into some other vibrant colors.


This 190 cm tall man is active in the fashion industry as a costume designer. He has also made a debut in the entertainment sector with the help of friend Valeria Marini on La divissima. During his time, Giovanni has also edited several showgirls, such as Caterina Balivo, Francesca Neri, and Antonalle Clerici.

Giovanni Ciacci profession
Giovanni Ciacci is a costume designer as well as an author.

His fame catapulted when he was seen in the competition of Dancing With the Star in 2018. In the same year, Ciacci even released his first novel named La Contessa in the bookstore.

Who Is The Wife of Giovanni Ciacci? Is He married? Is He Straight?

This man has been sought out most of the time in the fashion industry. Giovanni’s die-hard fans want to know each and everything about him. Among all his personal love life has been asked for more than a few times. Let’s start with his sexual orientation.

In an interview, this man himself revealed that he was not straight. In fact, he is homosexual and has dated both man and woman in his life. However, these circumstances backfired him quite a lot at the beginning of his career.

In 2018, this 49 years old handsome had been with Ethiopian prince Christian Haile Selassie. More than that, he even disclosed that they were on the very of walking down the aisle. Something did not work out between them, and the process came in a halt.

Later his name was tied with dandy Damiano Allotta. For the fans who do not know Allota, he is the ex-partner of famous fashion designer Stefano Gabbana. After dating for quite a while, they called it off within a few months.

What Is The Net Worth of Giovanni Ciacci?

There is no denying that this costume designer has collected a lot of fortune from his career. In 2020 some sources have concluded that he sits on a net worth of $1 million to $10 million. Well, this is just an estimation done by some liable source; there is more to him than this.

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Unfortunately, there is no valid information about his salary, cars, and mansions. In addition to this, he is sure that he is living a lavish lifestyle and wearing awesome clothes every day. We will update further information as soon as it is on the media.

Social Media Presence

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