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Gino Roque Girlfriend 2023: Is He Dating Kiara Takahashi? Relationship Timeline

Discover the latest updates on Gino Roque girlfriend and their relationship status. Get the inside scoop on Gino Roque’s romantic life.

Gino Roque IV is a prominent Filipino entertainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

He gained public recognition in 2019 when he participated as one of the housemates in ABS-CBN’s reality shows Pinoy Big Brother – Otso (PBB-8), representing Batch 4. 

In 2023, Gino Roque starred in the Viva film production “Baby Boy, Baby Girl,” showcasing his acting skills and expanding his presence in the entertainment industry.

Alongside his successful acting career, Gino owns Forza, a thriving athletic clothing and accessories store.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gino dedicated himself to philanthropic endeavors through his small foundation, Gino’s Wish. His selfless efforts have provided much-needed assistance and support to those affected by the pandemic.

In recognition of his talent and contributions, Gino Roque received the MYX Music Award for MYX Celebrity VJ of the Year in 2020.

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Gino Roque Girlfriend 2023: Is He Dating Kiara Takahashi?

As of 2023, there is limited information about Gino Roque IV’s current dating status and relationship with Kiara Takahashi.

During their time on the reality show, there were moments of affection and a romantic angle between them.

However, after the show ended, the couple did not share much information about their dating life, and online sources have provided conflicting reports.

Gino Roque girlfriend 2
Kiara Takahashi and Gino Rogue came closer and built a romantic relationship while on the reality show. (Image Source: Instagram)

It is unclear if Gino and Kiara are still in a romantic relationship, as neither has publicly confirmed their status.

According to an ABS-CBN article, there were rumors that Gino may have ghosted Kiara after the show, but these reports should be taken with caution as they are based on speculation.

It is important to note that the information available is subject to change.

Gino Roque And Kiara Takahashi Relationship Timeline

Gino Roque IV and Kiara Takahashi’s relationship timeline can be traced back to their time on the reality show Pinoy Big Brother – Otso (PBB-8) Batch 4.

During their stay in the Big House, Gino and Kiara shared cozy moments and displayed affection towards each other. Kiara even shed tears when she saw Gino emotional after he was nominated for eviction.

While Kiara admitted to having feelings for Gino, she clarified that winning the competition was her main priority.

Gino Roque girlfriend
Gino Roque First ever Star Magic Christmas Ball With Kiara Takahashi. (Image Source: Instagram)

After the show ended, the couple did not divulge much information about their dating life, leading to speculations and rumors.

However, the current status of their relationship remains uncertain, as neither Gino nor Kiara has publicly confirmed their romantic involvement post-PBB-8.

Reports suggesting that Gino may have ghosted Kiara have surfaced but should be approached with caution.

Without official statements or reliable updates, the exact timeline and nature of Gino Roque and Kiara Takahashi’s relationship remain unclear.

Gino Roque Parents Details Explored

Gino Roque IV is the son of Gonzalo Roque Ill and Cris Boss, also known as Cris Aldeguer Roque. His Father, Gonzalo Roque Ill, is a highly regarded businessman and entrepreneur.

He owns various successful companies, including Kamiseta, a leading specialist retailer known for stylish casual clothing and accessories targeting women aged 18 to 49.

Additionally, he owns Concorso, a retailer specializing in men’s apparel, M&Co, and several other ventures.

Gino Roque Parents
Gino Roque Posted this photo with his mother wishing her a happy birthday. (Image Source: Instagram)

Gonzalo Roque Ill serves as the president of the Manika Business Club, further showcasing his involvement in the business community.

With his remarkable achievements, he has attained billionaire status and is also the proprietor of a network marketing Company named ‘Vantage International.’

Gino’s mother, Cris Boss, or Cris Aldeguer Roque, is a notable businesswoman in her own right. She is president and CEO of the Kamiseta Group of Companies.

The Kamiseta Group began as a clothing line business and has since expanded into the skincare industry under her leadership.

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