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Frank Somerville Divorce: Did His Wife Donna Wright Left Him? Kids And Relationship

Frank Somerville divorce from television producer Donna Wright Somerville after over 20 years of marriage has been a topic of interest amidst his struggles and recent DUI arrest.

Frank Somerville is an American television Journalist with a career spanning over three decades. He has received three Emmy Awards, including one for best on-camera news anchor, during his tenure at KTVU in Oakland, California.

Somerville began his career as an intern at KTVU in 1981 while attending San Francisco State. He later worked at local stations in Santa Rosa, Minneapolis, and Providence before returning to the Bay Area.

He became the co-anchor of KTVU’s morning news program in 1992 and anchored the 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm newscasts.

In December 2021, Somerville was arrested for driving under the influence after an automobile collision. His suspension from KTVU became permanent in January 2022 when his contract expired, and the station decided not to re-sign him.

Somerville’s long-standing career in journalism and multiple Emmy Awards highlight his success in the industry.

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Frank Somerville Divorce: Did His Wife Donna Wright Left Him?

It is unclear if Frank Somerville’s wife, Donna Wright, left him. However, the couple divorced after more than 20 years of marriage. They have two daughters together.

Somerville opened up about his struggles, including substance abuse, in a 30-minute interview with the San Francisco outlet KRON4 in March 2023.

He mentioned feeling sad and lonely due to his divorce and missing his kids, which worsened his addiction issues combined with the pandemic.

Frank Somerville,
Frank Somerville, Donna Wright Somerville, and their two daughters. (Image Source: The U.S. Sun)

Somerville had a rough 2021 that culminated in a DUI arrest after he crashed his Porsche into another vehicle.

In a Facebook post more than a year later, he claimed he accidentally took two Ambien instead of one prescription drug, causing him to slur his words during a June 2021 broadcast.

Somerville is a well-known news anchor in the Bay Area and has been with KTVU since 1992.

Frank Somerville Relationship Timeline

Frank Somerville’s relationship timeline includes his marriage to television producer Donna Wright Somerville.

The exact date of their wedding is unknown, but they were married for over 20 years before getting a divorce.

The couple has two daughters together, and Somerville has mentioned missing them in his struggles with substance abuse.

Frank Somerville
News Anchor Frank Somerville Says He Was ‘Trashed’ on DUI Taco Bell Run. (Image Source: The Daily Beast)

Somerville worked at various local stations before returning to the San Francisco Bay Area and becoming co-anchor of KTVU’s morning news program in 1992.

 In June 2021, Somerville took a leave of absence after a broadcast in which he slurred his words.

He later claimed he accidentally took two Ambien instead of one prescription drug. In December 2021, Somerville was arrested for DUI after crashing his Porsche into another vehicle. His contract with KTVU was not renewed in 2022.

Frank Somerville Kids

Frank Somerville has two daughters with his former wife, Donna Wright Somerville. Their first daughter, Sydney Somerville, is their biological child.

The couple adopted the second daughter, Callie Somerville, in 2005. Both daughters have been mentioned by Somerville during his public struggles with substance abuse and his DUI arrest in December 2021.

Frank Somerville
From Left, Frank Somerville, His younger daughter, wife, and older daughter. (Image Source: Facebook)

Somerville had spoken about missing his daughters while struggling with addiction and during the pandemic when he was alone.

Somerville has kept details about his daughters private but has occasionally shared photos and posts about them on his social media accounts.

Despite his struggles, Somerville has expressed love and pride for his daughters and has credited them with motivating him to seek help for his addiction.

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