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Flos Mariae Wikipedia: Where Is The Music Band From? Origin And Net Worth

Flos Mariae Wikipedia is the most searched topic after the dissolution of the music band formed in 2013 by a group of seven sisters from Spain. Keep scrolling to learn everything about the band and its dissolution.

The sisters, Alba, María, Flor, Estel, Victoria, Patricia, and Montserrat Bellido Durán, formed the band as a devotion to Virgin Mary.

The band’s music was rooted in the Catholic Christian faith and featured hymns, psalms, and original compositions in Spanish, Latin, and other languages.

Their goal was to spread God’s love and peace through their music and inspire others to strengthen their relationship with Christ.

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Flos Mariae Wikipedia and Origin

Although Flos Mariae Wikipedia is unavailable, various online sources have highlighted their band and continuous work.

The Bellido Durán sisters formed the band as a promise to Virgin Mary after their mother was diagnosed with a tumor in 2012.

After their mother was cured, they kept their promise and released their first album, “Totus Tuus Maria” in January 2014.

It included their biggest hit, “Amén,” which went viral on YouTube with its catchy lyrics and music video.

Flos Mariae’s music is classified as Christian pop, and their songs revolve around Catholic faith and devotion to the Virgin Mary.

Flos Mariae Wikipedia
Flos Mariae Wikipedia includes their beautiful story of band formation. (Source: Eestastic )

Their music gained popularity among the Catholic community and beyond, with many people admiring the sisters’ dedication to their faith and music.

The group did not give interviews or concerts; all the money they earned from their music project went to charity.

Between 2014 and 2018, Flos Mariae released six albums, each with 21 songs.

The sisters explained on their website that they did not want to be professional singers, and their music project was an extra activity to their work as businesswomen.

How Much Does The Band Earn? Net Worth Explored!

Flos Mariae Oficial is a relatively small YouTube channel focusing on spiritual and religious content.

The channel is based in Spain and has gained a following of over 35,000 subscribers since its creation in 2014.

As of March 2023, the estimated net worth of Flos Mariae Oficial is $4,000 dollars, although no videos have been uploaded since its dissolution.

Flos Mariae Wikipedia
The seven sisters on the band Flos Mariae. (Source: BuzzFeed)

While $4,000 dollars may seem like a small amount compared to other large YouTube channels, it is important to remember that Flos Mariae Oficial is a niche channel with a specific audience.

The channel’s content is not intended to generate huge profits but rather to provide spiritual and religious guidance to its viewers through music.

Despite its smaller net worth, Flos Mariae Oficial’s content has provided valuable support and resources to its community, and its impact cannot be measured solely by its earnings.

Why did the band dissolve?

In 2021, Flos Mariae announced their separation, leaving their fans in shock.

The sisters did not disclose the reasons behind their decision but assured their fans that their music would continue through separate projects.

After their dissolution, Victoria, Estel, María, and Alba Bellido Durán formed a new group called 4HBD – 4 Bellido Durán Sisters.

Flos Mariae Wikipedia
The band dissolved in May 2021. (Source: 20 Minutos)

In contrast, Montserrat, Flor, and Patricia Bellido Durán formed a new group called Mariah’s Pop.

The sisters’ decision to dissolve the group may have been influenced by personal reasons, such as their career aspirations or differences in opinion.

Alternatively, it could be that the sisters felt that they had achieved their goal of spreading the Catholic Christian faith through their music, and it was time for them to pursue other interests.

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