Fikayo Tomori Parents

Who Are Oluwadamilola Tomori And Oluwasamilola Tomori? Fikayo Tomori Parents

Fikayo Tomori Parents are the pillars of support for the athlete. The parents of Nigerian descent have played a significant role in shaping his journey. This article will delve deep into their lives.

Oluwafikayomi Oluwadamilola Fikayo Tomori, shortly known as Fikayo Tomori, is an English professional footballer playing center-back for Serie A club AC Milan and the England national team.

Born 19 December 1997, Fikayo began playing football for Riverview United in Kent when he was six.

His youth career began at Chelsea in 2005. He stayed with the club until signing for the senior squad in 2016.

Furthermore, after making 16 appearances for Chelsea, he helped them win the FA Cup 2020. He was loaned to several clubs, finally signing with AC Milan in 2021.

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Fikayo Tomori Parents

The center-back for AC Milan, Fikayo Tomori, was born to Oluwadamilola and Oluwasamilola Tomori in Calgary, Canada. 

His parents were Nigerians, living in Canada when the athlete was born. When the athlete was one, his family moved to England.

He was born to Nigerian parents in Canada and raised in England, which heavily enriched his multicultural background.

Through his parents, he would have been eligible to play football at the international level for several countries like Nigeria, Canada, and England. He chose to play for England.

Fikayo Tomori Parents
Fikayo Tomori’s parents are Nigerian. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the outstanding popularity of Fikayo, his parents remain an enigmatic figure. Little to no information is available on them.

While the athlete has talked about their contribution to shaping his career, he has kept their identity a secret, revealing little about them.

The parents do not appear to have any inclination towards football, but as the athlete was interested in football, they supported his pursuits and aided in furnishing his talents.

Furthermore, the journey of Tomori would have been more challenging without the unwavering support of his adorable parents.

Fikayo Tomori Father Oluwadamilola Tomori

Oluwadamilola Tomori is the supportive and caring Nigerian father of the athlete. Born in Nigeria, he moved to Canada and later to England.

It is unclear what he does for a living, but it can be assumed he had a good job that required him to move overseas.

Oluwadamilola always supported the pursuits of his son. He drove him to practice and always motivated him with his words. Fikayo’s journey in the Chelsea Academy was not easy, and he never wanted to return to the place.

Fikayo Tomori Parents
Fikayo Tomori’s father is proud of him. (Source: Instagram)

However, when Fikayo told his father he did not want to go back to the place, Oluwadamilola told him he had to face his challenges and the journey would not have been without struggles.

Looking back, Fikayo is grateful to his father for always believing in him. When Derby County, a club Fikayo was loaned to, kicked Manchester United, no one was happier than Oluwadamilola. He danced to celebrate the win.

Fikayo Tomori Mother Oluwasamilola Tomori

Fikayo Tomori’s mother, Oluwasamilola Tomori, is a lesser-known figure in his success. 

She may be a housemaker who has done much for the family and the successful career of her husband and son.

Like her husband, she too is proud of the height her son has achieved and has never left his side.

While his father nurtured his football career, she looked after other things. She was his emotional support.

Oluwasamilola lives a humble life, away from the spotlight, providing her unwavering support to Fikayo from the dark.

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