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Felipe Londoño Wikipedia: Where Is Wrong Side of the Tracks Cast From? Family Tree

Wrong Side of the Track fans is curious about its cast Felipe Londoño Wikipedia. Londono is an Actor and model from Columbia, born on February 1994. 

Wrong Side of the Track is a gripping Spanish crime Drama series that explores the dark and dangerous underbelly of a neighborhood overrun by drug dealers.

The story follows a war veteran who takes matters into his own hands when his granddaughter becomes a victim of the drug trade.

Throughout the series’ eight episodes, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride as the veteran and his allies go head-to-head with the drug dealers.

The series boasts a talented cast that delivers powerful and nuanced performances, including José Coronado as the determined veteran, Luis Zahera as the ruthless drug lord, and Nona Sobo as the vulnerable granddaughter.

Created by David Bermejo, Wrong Side of the Track is a must-watch for fans of gritty crime dramas.

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Felipe Londoño Wikipedia: Where Is the Wrong Side of the Tracks Cast From?

Felipe Londoño Rinaldi is a Colombian Actor and model who gained international recognition for his role as Nelson Gutiérrez in the popular Spanish crime Drama series Wrong Side of the Track.

The series, broadcast on Netflix, is set in the Entrevías neighborhood of Madrid and follows the story of a war veteran who takes matters into his own hands to protect his granddaughter from the drug dealers overtaking their community.

Felipe Londoño
Felipe Londoño rocking in a vest and slippers. ( Image Source: Instagram )

In the series, Londoño plays the role of Nelson Gutiérrez, the ruthless drug lord’s best friend and right-hand man, played by Luis Zahera.

Aside from his role in Wrong Side of the Track, Londoño has also appeared in several other TV shows and films, including Enemigo íntimo and Los Morales.

He has also worked as a model, appearing in campaigns for major brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike.

Felipe Londoño Family Tree

Felipe Londoño was born in 1994 to his parents, who were both from Medellin, Colombia. His parents’ names are unknown, but it is known that his Father worked in the construction industry.

Felipe had at least one sibling, a brother two years older than him. It is not known what happened to his brother after Felipe was born.

Felipe Londoño
The Columbian Actor clicked while laughing. ( Image Source: Instagram )

Felipe’s mother was a homemaker and supported her son’s educational and career ambitions. 

Felipe’s extended family was unknown, but his parents had siblings and other family members living in Medellin. They likely had some sort of connection to one another, although the exact details are unknown.

Felipe Londoño had a loving family that gave him the resources and support he needed to pursue his dreams. He was able to make the most of his opportunities and achieve success.

Felipe Londoño Net Worth

According to Celebs Week, Felipe Londoño’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $187k.

As an Actor and model, Felipe Londoño’s income will likely come from various sources, including film and television appearances, modeling contracts, and endorsement deals.

However, the exact details of his income are not publicly available.

Felipe Londoño
Felipe Londoño during a vacation with his friends in Tromso Norway. ( Image Source: Instagram )

It is also important to acknowledge that an individual’s net worth can fluctuate over time based on various factors, including income, investments, and expenses.

Regardless of his net worth, Londoño’s talent and dedication to his craft have made him a rising star in the entertainment industry, and he is sure to continue to make waves with his future projects.

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