Fausto Brizzi Accusato

Fausto Brizzi Accusato Scandal And Allegations: What Happened To Silvia Salis Marito

Discover the latest updates on Fausto Brizzi Accusato – Allegations, investigations, and developments surrounding the acclaimed film director’s legal situation.

Fausto Brizzi is an acclaimed Italian director, screenwriter, and film producer known for his notable contributions to the film industry.

His directorial debut, “The Night Before Exams,” garnered widespread acclaim, earning him several prestigious awards, including the esteemed David di Donatello.

Brizzi’s creative talents extend beyond filmmaking, as he ventured into literature with his highly successful debut novel, “One Hundred Days of Happiness.”

The book became a bestseller in Italy and achieved international recognition with its publication in over twenty countries.

His accomplishments in film and literature have solidified his reputation as a creative force, and his works continue to inspire and entertain people worldwide.

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Fausto Brizzi Accusato

In November 2017, the Italian director, Fausto Brizzi was accused of sexual harassment.

However, the charges were subsequently dropped in January 2019.

Following complaints from three women who claimed to have been invited to his loft for an audition, Brizzi was under investigation for sexual assault.

Fausto Brizzi Accusato 1
Fausto Brizzi, the film director whose career looked doomed when he was accused of sexual assault, now the charges dropped in January 2019. (Image Source: The Times)

In July of a later year, the prosecutor of Rome requested the dismissal of the charges against Brizzi.

Recently, the investigating judge of Rome, Alessandro Arturi, rejected the opposition from the offended individuals and issued a decree of dismissal regarding the allegations of sexual violence against Brizzi.

Antonio Marino, Brizzi’s lawyer, confirmed the judge’s decision and stated that the story related to the harassment scandal, which started with the investigative report of “Le Iene” (a TV program), is now definitively closed.

Fausto Brizzi Scandal And Allegations

Film director Fausto Brizzi was under investigation by magistrates on three counts of sexual violence, according to reports from Corriere della Sera.

The Rome prosecutor’s office has formalized accusations against Brizzi, renowned for directing popular Italian box-office hits like “Forever Young” and “Guess Who’s Coming for Christmas?”

However, the possibility of a criminal prosecution appears unlikely as the claims exceed Italy’s six-month statute of limitations for alleged sexual crimes.

Director Fausto Brizzi
Director Fausto Brizzi attends the “Oggi Sposi” Premiere on day 6 of the 4th Rome International Film Festival. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Brizzi denied all allegations, issuing an open letter emphasizing his deep respect for others and calling for a distinction between violence and unwelcome advances.

The allegations against Brizzi initially surfaced in November when the investigative TV show Le Iene reported claims from ten women, many alleging that Brizzi had attempted to pressure them into engaging in sexual acts during auditions.

Brizzi firmly denied these allegations, stating that he has never engaged in non-consensual or forced relations.

What Happened To Silvia Salis Marito?

Silvia Salis, the Italian hammer-throwing champion, married director Fausto Brizzi on November 14, 2020. They are now expecting their first child together.

Salis shared the news of her pregnancy on social media, posting a photo of the pregnancy test with the couple’s joyful smiles reflected in the mirror.

 Fausto Brizzi and Silvia Salis
Fausto Brizzi and Silvia Salis attend the 67th David Di Donatello red carpet in Rome, Italy, on May 03, 2022. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Currently, in her fourth month of pregnancy, she is set to give birth after the summer.

While there is no further information available about what precisely happened to Silvia Salis’ husband, it can be assumed that they are happily anticipating the arrival of their child and enjoying this new phase of their lives together.

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