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Extinction Rebellion Protests To Produce Eco-Friendly Clothes In London Fashion Week

Previously this summer, the Extinction Rebellion group lead by Stella McCartney gathered people to “boycott fashion.” The major reason for this movement is to stop the citizen from buying a new cloth for a year to cope up with the excesses of global production. According to sources, there is a production of 100 billion pieces of cloth every year. Along with the yield, millions of product are burned and bury each second.

Stella McCartney
The group of The Extinction Rebellion

As action speaks louder than words, Stella has never used leather or fur and doesn’t burn or throw away her products. She emphasis more on sustainable technologies.

The attempt is not the first one. During Victoria Beckham‘s show at Tate Britain, there was a battalion wearing a grass coat with a sign “Ethical is always on-trend.”

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XR’s action this time seems more radical. In July, a group of citizen petitioned the British Fashion Council to shut down London Fashion Week. They planned to gather all the members of the industry to declare a climate emergency and execute a solution pragmatically.

Stella McCartney XR
Photographed by: Immo Klink

Despite, their plan didn’t happen. So, now, XR is organizing a protest campaign all over the city.

On the first day of LFW, protestors were covered in fake blood and displayed a “die-in” outside The Strand. The whole setup reflected the lives that are already lost, and that will be lost due to climate change.

Stella McCartney XR
The protestor displayed a “die-in” outside The Strand

In the end, they’ve also planned a funeral procession to mark the end of the fashion week.

Stella McCartney
The whole setup to symbolize the funeral of Fashion Week

Many people don’t find this method practical. To not shop for a year is not realistic for everyone.

Though her methods are tough, many designers are supporting her more or less. Earlier this week, Gucci announced to produce a fully carbon-neutral supply chain by the end of the month.

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Also, New York designer Gabriela Hearst, 3.1 Philip Lim, CDLM and Collina Strada made sustainability a significant part of their Spring 2020 stories.

Furthermore, the whole notion of fashion week disappearing is hard to imagine, but anything can happen. This season’s shows have aroused a lot of question about how they should engage with fashion? Should they entirely abandon the Fashion Show Runway?

Stella McCartney Extinction Rebellion
Protestors with a banner to stop Fashion Week

In the Interview, Tori Tsui told Vogue,

“I think it’s important we use our voice to say what we believe is necessary rather than what we believe is achievable within the current system,”

Moreover, the XR was fully aware that the fashion industry won’t welcome their idea right away. For the time being, they want people to be more open and talk about it.

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People might say the whole idea is revolutionary and not realistic. But that’s not the whole point now. They want people to be aware of what’s necessary for this emergency.

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