Evander Kane Parents

Evander Kane Parents: Who Are Perry Kane And Sheri Kane? Family Tree And Ethnicity

Lets Become Acquainted With The Professional Ice Hockey Player Evander Kane Parents And His Family Background.

Evander Frank Kane, a gifted Canadian ice hockey player, was born on August 2, 1991.He is commonly known as Evander Kane.

Evander Frank is renowned for his agility, quickness, and ability to make precise and timely strikes on goal.

Evander is now a left winger for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Atlanta Thrashers took Kane fourth overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, and he began his professional career the following year.

Kane has since played for a number of groups, including the Buffalo Sabres and San Jose Sharks, before settling down in Edmonton.

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Meet Edward Kane Parents: Perry And Sheri Kane

Evander has tried to keep the information about his parents a secret from everyone. Because of this reason, there is very little information regarding Evander’s parents.

Perry Kane, father of Evander Kane, was born on East Preston, Nova Scotia, just outside of Dartmouth.

As per some sources it is guessed that Perry started playing ice hockey at the age of 16 and later played the sport professionally.

Perry was also an an amateur boxer. He aspired Evander Holyfield, which led to him naming his child Evander.

Evander Kane Parents
Evander Kane is seen enjoying his family time in a formal event. (Source: Instagram)

Sheri Kane, the mother of Evander Kane, was a college volleyball player but it is unknown whether she continued it or not.

As both of his parents were athletes they supported Evander’s decision of  becoming an ice hockey player.

It is not found how the couple actually met but it is guessed that they met during some sports event organized a local station.

Evander Kane Family And Ethnicity

As we discussed, the parents of Evander are Perry and Sheri Kane. They both were athletes who may be the inspiration for Evander Kane.

Evander is currently married to Mara Teigen, who is an American fashion model, famous for her work in the short film Kylie Jenner: Glosses.

Kane has two kids, a son and a daughter. Kensington Ava Kane is his daughter from his ex wife Anna, while Iversion Frank Kane is his son from his current wife Mara.

Evander Kane Parents
Evander Kane with his wife Mara Teigen and kids. (Source: Instagram)

The Kane family is expecting another baby as the couple has posted the pictures of Mara’s baby bump on their instagram accounts.

Evander himself classifies himself as black because his parents were recognized as black. On the other hand Mara’s ethnicity is white.

The ethnicity of their children can be either black or white. However they may be recognized as both black and white.

Evander Kane Networth Revealed

Throughout his career as a professional ice hockey player, Evander Kane has accumulated an outstanding number of goals, assists, and points.

On July 13, 2022, Evander has signed a four year contract with the Edmonton Oilers for about $20.5 million.

Kane may also earn his stipends from different sponsorships. Evander is also in partnership with the Harlem Standard, a brand that brings forth their own whiskey.

Evander Kane Parents
Evander Kane clicked photo with his own car. (Source: Instagram)

Evander also has around 378,000 engaging instagram followers. He earns a revenue of about $1000-$1900 from his each posts.

Similarly, Evander might be living a luxurious life without any financial crises in his own house except for his personal reasons. 

Besides, Kane might also contribute some of his income to the differrent charities and needy people. 

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