Ernestine Stallings Obituary

Ernestine Stallings Obituary: Women Shot To Death Case Update

Ernestine Stallings Obituary: A kindhearted FedEx driver and aspiring entrepreneur tragically lost her life in a senseless act of violence while preparing for a birthday celebration.

Ernestine Stallings was a vibrant and cherished individual whose life was tragically cut short by senseless violence.

As a dedicated FedEx driver and owner of her clothing company, Aduvii, Stallings embraced life with a kindhearted and hardworking spirit.

She was deeply loved by her girlfriend, Tasha Love, with whom she had plans to marry.

Stallings’ dreams of a bright future were abruptly shattered when she was shot outside a store on West Market Street while preparing for a birthday celebration.

The incident, which occurred in broad daylight, left the community shocked and searching for answers.

As the investigation continues and her loved ones grapple with profound grief, the memory of Ernestine Stallings is a powerful reminder of the devastating impact of violence and the urgent need for justice.

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Ernestine Stallings Obituary

Ernestine Stallings, a kindhearted FedEx driver with plans to marry her girlfriend, was tragically killed after leaving a store on West Market Street.

She was shot moments after purchasing balloons for her girlfriend’s son’s birthday party. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she succumbed to her injuries.

Ernestine Stallings Obituary
Ernestine Stallings’s sister comforting Ernestine’s girlfriend Tasha. (Source: beaconjournal)

Witnesses reported a car speeding from the scene, but no suspects were identified. Stallings’ mother, who previously lost another child to gun violence, appeals for anyone with information to come forward.

The community mourns the loss of Stallings, remembering her as a laid-back individual who enjoyed sports and fishing and had her clothing line.

FedEx expressed its condolences and urged inquiries to the investigating authorities. The Summit County Crimestoppers hotline has been established for anyone with information about the crime. The community hopes for justice in memory of Ernestine Stallings.

Ernestine Stallings Shot To Death 

Ernestine Stallings met a tragic end when she was shot to death in a devastating incident. It occurred around 1:30 pm on a Monday, shortly after she left a store on West Market Street.

Stallings, a kindhearted FedEx driver, had plans to marry her girlfriend, Tasha Love. The couple had gone to Dollar Tree to buy balloons for Love’s son’s birthday party.

However, as they left the store, shots were fired, and Stallings was struck by gunfire. Despite being rushed to Cleveland Clinic Akron General, her injuries proved fatal.

The incident was described by witnesses who reported seeing a person with a shotgun approach Stallings from behind and shoot her without any apparent reason.

The shooter quickly fled the scene in a car, leaving behind a shocked and devastated community. Detectives believe the crime was targeted, but no suspects have been identified or publicly named.

The tragic loss of Ernestine Stallings has left her loved ones and the community grappling with grief and searching for answers.

Ernestine Stallings Case Update 

Ernestine Stallings’ tragic case remains under investigation as authorities strive to uncover the identity of her assailant.

The incident unfolded when Stallings and her girlfriend, Tasha Love, visited Dollar Tree to prepare for a birthday party.

As Stallings loaded balloons into their car, an unknown gunman shot her. Love, with her back, turned, initially mistook the gunfire for balloon popping.

Stallings, aged 34, was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving her family bewildered and devastated.

A witness described seeing a young man with low-hanging pants shooting Stallings with a rifle while others rushed to aid her.

Despite efforts to save her, the senseless act claimed Stallings’ life. The Akron Police Department continues to review surveillance footage and piece together the events surrounding the shooting.

Stallings’ family, still in shock, appeals to the community for information and justice.

The police urge anyone with information to come forward and provide assistance in solving this unfortunate case.

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