Erich Gonzales Siblings

Erich Gonzales Siblings: Who Is Her Sister Johanna Paula G. Gancayco?

Join us in unraveling the lives of Erich Gonzales Siblings: her sister, Johanna Paula G. Gancayco, and brother, Jesus Manuel G. Gancayco. Learn about their journey together and life growing up.

Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco-Lorenzo, popularly known as Erich Gonzales, is a Filipino actress known for her diverse role in the entertainment industry.

Born on September 20, 1990, Gonzales commenced her career in showbiz at the tender age of 15, contesting in the reality talent search Star Circle Quest.

Establishing herself in the industry through her minor roles, she rose to stature in 1989 following her role in the critically acclaimed movie Katorse.

Through the role, she achieved the title of Breakthrough Star of 2009. After her career in the film industry, she began solidifying her prominence as she moved to YouTube.

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Erich Gonzales Siblings: Who Is Her Sister Johanna Paula G. Gancayco?

The older sister of the Filipino actress Erich Gonzales, Johanna Paula G. Gancayco, is commonly known as Paula Gancayco. 

Paula is a notable artist who has garnered public attention through her art. Born and raised in the Philippines, she currently resides in Japan.

The Japan-based Filipino artist, with 512 posts, has 2790 followers on Instagram as of August 2023. It provides a glimpse of her life and updates on her professional endeavors.

Despite running a successful business in Japan, Paula frequently visits the Philippines, connecting herself to her homeland.

Erich Gonzales Siblings
Erich Gonzales with her siblings. (Source: Instagram)

With her artistic prowess, she does commission art. Proving her competence as an actress, the clients she works with only have good things to save about her.

Despite having their own lives, the Gonzales sisters are tightly bound by their relationship. They visit their family and spend time together.

Furthermore, Erich, with more than a million subscribers on YouTube, supports her sister. To boost her sister’s YouTube channel, she has put it in the featured section of her channel.

Erich Gonzales Siblings: Meet Jesus Manuel G. Gancayco

The actress is the youngest among her three siblings. Her brother, Jesus Manuel G. Gancayco, is a character of the Gonzales family.

Manuel’s life remains somewhat of an enigma to the public. As he is not tied to the industry, his stardom comes from being a celebrity sibling. 

The Jesus in his name could be a nod to his faith. By adding Jesus in his name, he showcases the authenticity of his belief and his respect for Christianity.

The three were raised together and are bound together by their familial bond. Manuel and Paula, the elder siblings, took good care of their sister and always supported her and her endeavors.

Even after all these years, the three persist in spending what time they can spare together. They visit their mother regularly and host different fun games at the house.

Manuel’s anonymity and decision to shield the details of his life from the public adds further intrigue to his personality.

Erich Gonzales Family Details

The Filipino actress Erich Gonzales was born into a fascinating family in Cebu City, Philippines.

Her father, Christopher Gancayco, and his mother, Gloria Rica Gancayco, gave him the very gift of his life. The two had three delightful children: Paula, Manuel, and Erich Gonzales.

Christopher Gancayco, as presented by FamilySearch, and his absence in the Gonzales family tragically passed in 2008, leaving a vacuum in their life.

Erich Gonzales Siblings
Erich Gonzales with her siblings and mother. (Source: Instagram)

The family has been tied together by their grief. The children have not let their mother feel the absence of their father and always support her.

Gloria Rica, a proud mother of three, receives immense love from her children. No matter their schedule and busy life, her kids make time for her.

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