Empress Njamah Leaked Video

Empress Njamah Leaked Video, Controversy And Scandal Explained!

The Empress Njamah Leaked video has sparked a discussion among the fans of the Nigerian actress.

Social media has changed how people communicate; it is so easy to leak anything nowadays.

Njamah is a Nigerian actress nominated for the best-supporting Actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2012.

Unfortunately, she lost that to another South African actress Terry Pheto.

She started acting back in 1995. She also launched a foundation called House of Empress, which caters to kids with special needs.

The foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016.

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Empress Njamah Leaked Video

Empress Njamah has always been in the news following her leaked video and her relationships with men.

According to a video she posted on Instagram, Empress may be the latest Nigerian celebrity to be a victim of blackmail.

Empress Njamah Leaked Video
Empress Njamah talking about her Leaked Video(Source: Instagram)

In the video, the actress is seen flexing the ring, after which she says, I finally got engaged today, the 18th of August. And later said that she was officially off the market.

The camera then briefly pans to her fiancé before returning to her.

The Olabisi Onabanjo University English graduate said she was pressured into making the engagement video when she posted an eight-minute clip on her company profile on Instagram.

She also said she was not the one who posted it on Instagram.

She explained that the man in the video entered her life under the false pretense of wanting to marry her and that she no longer had authority over that account.

Empress Njamah Controversy And Scandal

Ms. Njamah, who formerly dated musician Timaya, said the unknown person entered Ms. Njamah’s life when she was fragile since she had just lost her friend Ada Ameh.

She said she had been chatting to him on the phone and contacting persons she believed to be his family for months without realizing it was all a scam.

Little did Njamah know that he was busy gathering tools to blackmail her.

The ‘Liberian Girl’ actress said she was speaking up to clear the air and said he completely changed when her ex-lover got a hold of her nude videos.

When Njamah wanted to talk and tell him their relationship couldn’t work, he started hitting and blackmailing her, saying he would leak the videos.

She also said that was when he turned into an animal. He would beat her with anything and lock her up in a room she couldn’t access.

Empress Njamah Boyfriend

The claimed charge that George Wade was responsible for the nude scandal that went viral a few days ago has been rejected by the actress Empress Njamah’s estranged fiance, George Wade.

According to some reports, Wade created a WhatsApp group where he added different people and posted naked videos he took of the actress.

Empress Njamah Leaked Video
Rumored about Empres’s ex-fiancee Leaked her Video (Source:thewillnews)

Recently, Empress cried about how her ex-boyfriend Wade used her nude videos as blackmail.

Empress also had another controversy when she was in a relationship with popular Nigerian musician, Timaya.

The relationship between the two ended in 2009 after suspicions of adultery and a public argument after dating for several years.

Despite all these controversies with her soured relationships, Empress remains a respected figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and she continues to make positive contributions through her philanthropic activities.

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